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  • hi
    you have'nt missed anything i think only two reply ed to me so not much interest i so put it on hold for now if you go to you tube and put in Scottish bush craft site you should see the place there a large pink house
    seen your post ref Viking boat i know someone gets dress up as a Viking each too there own he goes off some where think it's just a good reason for a drink bit like bush craft i guess
    hi i'm asking i trying to get together some local to tryout the site i have use of would you be interested it's over moniaive way
    Cheers, glad you like it. I'm hoping to do more with it and the site when I get more time.
    Ah, yes now I know who you are!
    Sorry for no reply up til now, only just had broadband put in.
    Thanks, it was good to meet you too and I hope to see you again some time.
    All the best.
    Sounds like you're on John Ryder's Bushcraft Leadership course and are probably now on your final week. I was on the other 09/10 course and finished last month. What a brilliant year, would be great to chat sometime and hear about your plans.

    Kind regards
    Hi there.

    Thank you for inviting me to be your friend on the forum/website thing.

    I understand you're on John Rhyder's year-long course. I was there on Saturday to pick up my certificates and portfolio but I didn't know which of the bow makers you were. I hope you're enjoying the course anyway.

    If there are any things about the course - or anything else bushcrafty - that you'd like to discuss, please do drop me a line.

    All the best,
    erm? looks like it didn't go. I had asked what was wrong with either you or the bike? Nothing too serious I hope. I also said that we'd had a good time when we all came (from the Curvies) to Southerness. I think about 38 turned up for the weekend. I led my group out on the Saturday and took them up to New galloway and along the Queens Way to Newton Stewart before riding south to the Isle of Whithorn for lunch. I also said there were some lovely areas around Chatteringshaws Loch which I thought would make for some stunning camping :)
    Hi, did you ever get around to joining the Curvy Riders? There is a good group where you are and they are very active :) Hope you're well, Deana
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