2012 Olympic Tickets Going on Sale from 15th March

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May 4, 2009
I shall be buying tickets for the Olympics. From British Airways. On one of the nice empty outbound flights when it all starts. Zillions of people stuffed into central London to watch some nurk hitting a ball about the place? No thanks.


Feb 15, 2007
Not far from Calais in France
I don't live in the UK - and fortunately I don't have to subsidiside this running/jumping/throwing fest thank god. If you want to 'regenerate' a part of East London then do it for. You don't need the frigging games for that


Jun 26, 2008
Went to Weymouth on Saturday, and the massive roads they've built specially, made me pass comment that a lot of the greenery that it's already cut through will be built upon in years to come.
Weymouth isn't going to need a road like that afterwards, unless there's plans for expansion.


Dec 6, 2010
£90 a ticket? After we subsidised it all at this great time of 'we're all in this together' (except bankers and the rich tax avoiders). I don't think so.
Not to be all bah! humbug! or anything, but my preferred location for this corporate love in would be on a boat, a couple of thousand miles south east of New Zealand, i.e. as far from London as it's possible to be. I'm definitely in the sceptical, wingeing, w**ker category on this one - so rather than spoil it for the enthusiasts - I'll just clear off thanks!

Having said that...if you're going, I hope you have a great time and it matches your expectations.

Celtic Dragon

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Aug 4, 2003
Hatfield, Herts
As much as I love archery and know a couple of competitors, its not on my list to see as its like watching paint dry. Infact none are. The prices are out of this world. Turin winter olympic tickets weren't this expensive.

I'm just hoping 1 of my customers comes through then I'll be off to watch the hockey :D Just wish I could find who's play who. I wouldn't mind watching the womens GB v Austrailia or Aus V NZ matches. They were the good ones at the Commonwealth games.


Nov 11, 2008
Virginia, USA
The shooting sports might stretch into the bushcrafting role, at least in the "fair game" context. I do like watching shooting matches, but it, too, can be a bit like watching paint dry. Sporting event prices are to the point that a young family struggles to meet the price of admission and concessions.



Sep 1, 2005
As has been mentioned the ticket prices are higher than a lot of ordinary people can afford.

I would have liked to attended a couple of the events/days, but for the kind of money they are looking for it's a non starter.

Shame really, but seems we (the great unwashed) are only good enough to fund the venture, but not wealthy enough to attend.

Still, I'm sure the banks and the big companies will buy up blocks of tickets to pass around as corporate hospitality for the great and the good.

So a winner all round.:(
I was living in Sydney during the 2000 Games and I know several people who rented their homes out and went abroad in a fit of cynicism about how bad it would be to be in the city during the Olympics (even though they lived in suburbs). They all regretted it after seeing it on TV from afar and hearing what it was like. It's not just about the actual ticketed events. There was so much going on around central Sydney and the atmosphere was so happy with people from all over the world enjoying themselves and getting to know each other. That's what I remember about it anyway - it was just a happy time. Back then there were free events like the triathalon on the streets so everyone can see something and I see they are doing the same in the London Games.