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  • How you doing? Not heard from you in ages or seen you about on BCUK. House is coming on well. Nice to have your Bro and Mum out helping you dig out those pesky Jerrys! Hope all is well and that you are still the happy chap we know and miss.
    ATB, Goatboy.
    Thanks a bunch for your warm greeting my friend I hope to chat sumore ...I got mouthwatering recipes n lots o juicy stories for you..just had good laugh at your cat sctatch n dog nip chirp hahah seems you have some nasty ,vicious wildlife in your valley bud ,hang in there ok...Collin
    Hi Aaron. Just checking in to see how you are, well I hope. Not much to report from here, just the usual day to day grind. I've only managed to get one overnighter at my permission since the moot, but hope for a few more before yule. Still tinkering with a couple of projects when I have time.
    All the best buddy, Colin.
    Hey Aaron. Thanks for the friend list add. I've no idea how to request going on to a friends list, as soon as I find out You'll Get one.
    Cheers Colin.
    Hi Aaron, it was a pleasure to meet you, lots in common and a good laugh. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. If you need a hand sometime, let me know. Oh by the way ,Chris has joined the forum. His handle is Woody firesticks.
    Cheers Colin.
    I thought my biggest regret about missing the moot was that I'd not taste Erics tablet... until he told me that I'm gonna miss meeting your good self, so I have a new biggest regret!!
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