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    Cured smoked beef...

    Awesome work mate. iv recently started to look into smoking my own meat and fish this thread has given me a bucket full of ideas.
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    Different wood spirit carving

    very very good mate, reminds me of a charachter from a Terry Brooks novel.
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    carving a scandinavian woodspirit ?

    that is truely awesome.
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    anyone do a sharpening service ?

    there a guy in saintfield Robbi that does it. razorsharp ni i believe. i'v not used him though so i cant vouch for him. Cant find a site just info and a number on yell
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    What dog do you have? or use for bushcrafting buddy?

    A year and a half old scruffy jack russell, he loves the rabbits and hes taught me so much about tracking. lol
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    Who is your favorite youtube bushcrafter?

    +1 for Sean mulhall, Dave canterbury and natural bushcraft, i'v learned so much from them
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    Camp Chairs: what do you use?

    I havn't tried it but this is what i'v been planning on using this set up next time. I have some material in the house that i'm going to try and use to make it.
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    On a roll with wood carving

    Thats amazing!!!!!!
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    Millbank Bag

    i got 2 from edicotts a wee while back, i would suggest phoning them up, plus they are excellent to deal with.
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    Walking sticks

    They are awesome mate, what is that paracord weave? i would love to do something similar on my hazel stick. Also i highly recommend that video mesquite linked to.
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    anybody know anything about this?? (pic heavy)

    thanks JD, was bugging me what it could be.
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    anybody know anything about this?? (pic heavy)

    Hey all, I'v recently found this knife in the house, i believe it came from an old army surplus shop that used to be near us but i'm not too sure. The handle is plastic and in the pouch there was a very small emergancy snare and fishing kit. I havn't measured the blade but at a guess its...
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    Camping at 9weeks and 6 days (pic heavy)

    awesome pics dude, such a great thing to grow up around.
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    DD Hammocks Great Service

    bought a few different things from them and cant fault nick at dd.
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    Happy birthday Tony!

    happy birthday buddy :D