What size is your pack?

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What size is your pack?

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
I have a daysack probably 20L at a push, an old camcorder bag 10L and an HP test equipment "backpack" of 20L...

I have a couple of old 70's frame backpacks with fold down tubular ledge.

A set of 74 webbing that my son has "borrowed", never to be seen again no doubt.

I used a game bag for ages but donated it to a friend who was in greater need than I.

I miss my issue gear but hey ho...

As I'm pretty keen on minimalist kit (skint), I'm looking for the old style cylindrical duffle bags or even...

What many of us remember as "school bags", or what our fathers etc took their piece/flask to work in - the old gas mask case with tin circle on one side and wee pocket of string on the other.

Maybe it's just my generation, but I grew up thinking that every garden had sheds made out of Anderson Shelters.

Make do and mend etc. :)


Jul 12, 2008
i have a 75l eurohike rucksack that i have had for 15 years as of May 6th this year (i know this as it was one of 2 on our wedding pressie list! :p )

its been backpacking, is used as luggage for every family holiday we've ever had, been bashed and dragged and kicked around fields at at least 2 festivals each summer, has been all over Europe and as far as field as India and Australia

its still going strong, sure the fabric is no longer water resistant but i just use drysacks inside. its straining at the seams right now in the boot of my car with everything i need for the next 5 days of my course im on from tomorrow rammed into it

sure its not canvas and leather, isnt some hypertrendy named brand or is it ever used by special forces...... but it works, was cheap and has lasted

i'll be sad when it finally breaks


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Jan 27, 2010
I use several packs but mainly,when i go to woods i carry something like 85-100 liters,especially on any longer winter trips.My main backpack is Savotta Tunturisusi L.

Jackal 211

Jan 10, 2010
1. Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan - 16 years old and still going strong although wifey re-stitched the hood recently.
2. Berghaus Freeflow 20 - great day pack but a bit small for bushcraft. Lovely for walks as has H2O pouch.
3. Berghaus Remote 35 - great pack and my latest as had for chrimbo just. Love it. Feels like a tardis when putting kit inside. Also has H2O pouch / laptop store.

You guessed it, a bit of a berghaus fan when it comes to packs.



Dec 19, 2009
I haven't voted because.......

I have a 17 year old eurohike 602, i used to like it when i was 13 doing the cheshire hike but i've only just started to use it again, all the waterproofing has gone all sticky inside and it seems to not fit my stuff in comfortably.

I'm going to get a new one soon and this thread has given me plenty of food for thought.

The snugpak rocket pack might do the trick.


Feb 17, 2010
Went for the 40 to 50 because I mainly use a 50 ltr pack from decathlon which was reduced to £15 which is light strong and comfortable I also have a karrimor 30 ltr with air space back which is great for long hikes in the summer and a berghause remote cycle pack which is about 12 ltr which in the the summer im gonna try and fit everything in for the odd night. Gone are the day's of lugging my 120ltr army pack still occasionally use the side pockets but can't figure out how you just attatch one?


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Feb 18, 2010
i have a swedish canvas and leather pack which is 40ish litres, i have a bed roll kind of thing that carries my sleeping arrangements strapped on the bottom. its good for a few days. i also have a 30l pack for longer day trips and a massive 110 expandable lowe alpine bergen for long long trips, its about 15 years old and has been round the world about 3 times now lol with either me or my bro its great, carries a shed load of weight and is very comfy
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Feb 22, 2007
Currently I use the following:

1. Karrimor Observer. No more than 15 litre capacity, this is a 1980's birdwatcher's bag with a vacuum flask sleeve, pen slots in the front pocket and a removable back/seat pad. Appears to be more or less indestructible!

2. Karrimor Delta 35. Once one gets into the habit of making sure you've utilised all the space in the wider bottom section of this pack it's pretty good. A good water reservior arrangement too but the mesh pockets could be bigger and the back pad a bit more supportive (it tends to collapse and crumple).

3. Lowe Sting 50/70. The latest acquisition for fieldwork parties and winter in the mountains. A very stable, comfortable pack with excellent PLCE and MOLLE options. Lid's a bit weird, though.

4. A 1981 Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre 65. Produced when Lowe were gently going bust making indestructible products in Ireland. This pack has been all over the world and has been leant to generations of Scouts and British Schools Expeditioners and returns unchanged. Greatest damage - some stitching pulled when my son over tightened one of the sleeping bag compression straps recently. A massive top entry but no snow baffle, sensible pole/ski pockets and endless straps and attachments. The Lowe parallax back system is still one of the most comfortable and adjustable around.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
My laddie has just returned my old GS Bergan that he "borrowed" about 2 years ago!!

I'm well aware of it's limitations, and I'd almost forgotten how small the thing was, but I love it all the same. :)

I got it in the mid 80's and it still looks as good as new.

He borrowed my 74 webbing - which really is useless - but there's not a snowball's chance in Hell I'll see that again.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 6, 2008
South Queensferry
Id be beating down his door to get that back as its quite rare and hard to get hold of.(useless or not)
Which is why I know I'll never ever see it again, they are as rare as hen's teeth. :)

I got it because it's owner was going to bin it in the 80's.

He loves the bragging rights that goes with it too, especially among the old salts in his regiment and on courses etc.

Andy, it was hard enough trying to get my GS Bergan back in time for the last jaunt with you and Stooboy!!

Enjoy this one mate,

All the best



May 26, 2009
i have a karrimor skye as my daysack (25l)
a 65l pack that i cant even remember the brand of

and a 120ishL british army PLCE longback bergan with side pouches when i need to haul a lot!
edit the 65 is apparently a 70 and made by litchfield
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Mar 17, 2010
norwich UK
I jave a karrimor independence 80-100ltr and an Osprey Aether 60ltr.

The osprey is definatley the most comfortable but the karrymore is great for week long+ wild camping trips and is bomb proof.

Oh and daypacks are a berghaus freeflow 20ltr, is ok but silly shape makes putting anything in it a bit of a pain. And a karrymor 35ltr pack not sure what model.
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Oct 4, 2009
I use a 30 L Fjällräven Vintage for daytrips and multiday outings when using a hammock or a 110 L SACCI FJS when going for the longer trips up north when I have to bring a tent and lots of gear and food.

I was issued this bad boy in the service and was very impressed with the comfort and durability, even when carrying what felt like obcene loads.
The 110 liter volume is the internal space of the pack, but with the free floating lid you could easely pack away another 30 liters, we always carried a smaller 30 L "Patroll pack" under the lid.

It is made in Sweden by the same company who made the Swedish army lk70 backpack that has been getting some attention on this fine forum.

I find that the enormous capacity of the SACCI monster is seldom necessary in normal backpacking, but I really dislike having to tie things to the outside of the backback, and using this I never have to.

Lots of words here... Let me know if you want pics!

Fjällräven Vintage 30: http://www.fjallraven.com/Products/backpacks--bags/vintage-30-l

SACCI FJS: http://www.recon.se/product_info.php?cPath=94_151&products_id=895&osCsid=20cea3ca1e1c2fdcad4056211f83b87e


Apr 7, 2010
Mine is an imported ULA Relay. Not sure of its capacity but its bigger due to all the add-ons I've made. Perhaps I need to give in and get a bigger pack as its not that comfortable. I also have a pouch belt - non-descript brand.