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  • Hi Andy,

    I hope all is well your way. Your PM box is full. Man life has been so crazy this year...both good and bad. I am sorry to have been out of touch for so long, but haven't been on forums as much as I'd like, or out in the woods as much either. Between the move, the kitchen, the new designs coming out, and trying to get other things going, I have been stretched really thin,

    The best way for me to keep in touch right now is through email, and mine is BLGriffin1965 at gmail dot com


    Nae worriess bud , ur hosp stuff mare importent than campin mate .. i'ts cool by me m8
    yep i do,was there last weekend and the place was full of seal's with there pup's quite weird at night when you could here them moving around nearby,let me talk to the misses to find out which weekend she's free in the near future and i will let you know,see if it suits you,i will also contact some of the other guys once weve set a date.
    Cheer's, Andy
    Andy mate...you fancy hitting the beach sometime b4 crimbo??

    I need another fix!

    All the best,

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