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  • Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding present and card. The quaich is proudly on display in our Dundee living room and will be coming to Saudi Arabia with me when I move out there to join Graham in the Autumn. Best wishes, Katy
    Awrite bud , how did u get on with ur fire starting kit ... any good ..
    wit u been up ty .. have u been oot anywere
    By god it's been hot Liam.

    Me and Eddie got lost among the feilds heading to Blackness. Had to pass some cows, ford a river and do some feild repairs on Eddies derailleur - only to find that the pub in Blackness had closed when we finally got there. Detoured via Champany and had a pint i the pub there.

    How'd your afternoon pan out?


    In your post about Spam, you mentioned that Spam fritters were popular, and that they were battered and then cooked. I am very much interested in the batter. Do you have a recipe that you would be so kind as to forward across the pond to me? I have never seen anyone in America cook Spam this way, and it sounds good to me. Coincidentally, I had a fried Spam sandwich for lunch. lol.
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