What size is your pack?

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What size is your pack?

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Dec 16, 2007
Mrs Kerne counted my rucksacks after I made an unguarded comment relating to shoes...

I have 9 at the moment but I use these most often:

a 20lt Karrimor for bimbling around town

A Karrimore Sabre 30 for bushy stuff and day walks

A 60lt granite grear Vapour trail for multi day trips (Lightweighting)

But I want more! I might even buy some canvas and leather and make myself a trad pack.


Apr 6, 2008
I did'nt vote because i couldn't decide wich one to pick.
My favorite packs are,
A lowe alpine, alpine attack 50 + 10, superb pack. I use it a lot for winter mountaineering or for mountain bivy trips. Slim profile for a big ish pack
A berghaus cyclops crusader and its older than my son who is in his final school year and has served me well.
A berghaus free flow 20 takes loads of abuse round town and saves my other packs.
A karrimor saber 30, possibly my favorite pack. I might buy a 45 cause I like the 30 so much (I sound like Victor Kayam there)
Lowe alpine bumbag, the double water bottle one.



Nov 23, 2008
Kings Lynn
I'm a bit of a fickle-rucksacker, at the moment, i have another olive 120 litre bergen, bomb proof quality. also now experimenting with an old framed GS bergen, i like the proportions and water repellent qualities.
i have an Oprey kestrel 38, fantastic, like a lightweight modern mini bergen. very generous main capacity. got it in the green and grey.
also have a dutch patrol pack from endicotts with side pouches, for xmas off the missus. thats cool too, like a mini issue bergen, no frame but super high quality, based on the lowe alpine strike i think. very chuffed. also a large ALICE pack and frame for the fishing trips.
have had many bergens, but also the Snugpak Bergen, fantastic, loved it totally apart from...too short in the back for me(6'2" tall) and a snugpak Sleeka 35, loved most of it apart from...too short in the back. when they make a long back, i'll take another look.

next purchase, lowe alpine from cotswold! pukka!


Aug 19, 2007
Bradford, UK
For shorter trips or winter day walks I have a 50L Lowe Alpine Alipine Attack pack (I did the Cumbria way using this pack, a weeks worth of kit)

For longer trips I've a 70+20L (so that'd be 90L then?) Lowe Alpine Alpamayo pack. This has accompanied me around the UK and the Pyrenees and other mountain ranges.
I also have a Lowe bumbag which I use as 'handy' storage when I'm using the big pack -maps, snacks, camera etc.

For my money, there is no more comfortable pack than an LA (though I have not tried all the makes...)

Is it just me or do you all get a feeling of adventure when you shoulder a large pack filled with kit?

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Mikey P

Full Member
Nov 22, 2003
Glasgow, Scotland
Tasmanian Tiger Pathfinder (120L+) for massive loads (becoming less and less used)
Lowe Alpine Attack Ice (50-60L) for hillwalking and winter climbing
Salomon Raid Evo 30 (30L) for running/summer day walks/adventure racing
Kifaru Zulu PALS G2 with E&E G2 for everything else! Dream bag. Nuff said. :cool:

Each pack does a specific job and does it very well. Kifaru probably most flexible - good compression/expansion system and supremely comfortable.


May 11, 2009
Planet Earth
I use an issue longback bergan at the moment but it's not a perfect fit due to my freakishly long upper body. It's a fantastic pack apart from that though. I recently picked up a Lowe Alpine at a car boot sale and I'm already in love with the suspension system. The trouble is it's just not big enough for winter use (the issue arctic sleeping bag is MASSIVE!) so I'm ordering a Lowe Alpine Saracen. The thought of the weight of the full bergan on a LA suspension system gives me wood :D


Nov 18, 2009
PLCE long bergen for me for all weathers/seasons, great for around here on the sharp slate and the granite. The bergen takes everything that I throw at it and continues to survive!

I don't have or use the side pouches as I would only fill them with more unnecessary weight. Having said that though I would like to get the side pouches with a yoke to make a useful daysack.


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
Don't get me onto counting gear please. I am a self confessed gear addict who hasn't the money to get everything he wants (as if there is enough money in the world).

I mainly use a 20litre drybag daysack for wummer and winter (made by Alpkit costing £12.50) and an old Berghaus Aplin Extreme climbing sack for backpacking which is about 50l +10 I think although it feels to me to be just a 50 as the +10l is due to afloating lid and closure sleeve to the opening that allows an overflow. I don't fully use it as it flops all over the place if I do so that really is a 50litre.

My old day sack is a 38+8litre sack. Plus I have an awful old cheapo that is really just an incredibly large toy sack from my childhood. I also have an old cheapo Karrimor 65 litre backpack that has not seen use for over 20 years. Then there is the old, old daysack which is a 30 litre Karrimor crag rucksack from 19 years ago. That's seen some things and was probably as scared doing it as I was such as free climbing a graded rock climb as my first ever scramble with a total fear of heights (got over it that day).

I think that is all of them, but you never really know with me. I keep finding stuff all the time. :D


Nov 30, 2009
My day/minimalist camping sac is a Berghaus Cyclops 40 ltr (40th anniversary) waterproof material one that I got half price a year after the anniversary. I've now had it two years and use it to take my sarnies (umbrella, waterproofs, mittens & hat) to school and do any shopping on the walk home. One big 'ole to put kit in and a zipped internal pocket for my Jakemans and bits & bobs. Simple, just like me.

I've also got a 20 year old 70 ltr Berghaus sac if I want more comfort in the form of a bigger tent and more spare clothing etc.

Having said that, I am looking for something rufftietufftie to try this bushcraft malarkey with.


Tye Possum

Feb 7, 2009
Well I don't have a pack right now actually but I will after christmas! I'm getting a snugpak rocket pak. So that's a 30, 40 and 70 liter pack all in one, should work out fine.


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Mar 31, 2009
i have a vango contour 60ltr..which i will use over the summer...and if i enjoy wild camping i will buy a bigger pack for my winter kit...atb shogun


Nov 18, 2009
Maidstone, Kent
like most people on here i have a couple but the most used ones are a 65 litre cheapish thing from blacks and the other one is a 110 litre (i think) bergan i got ages ago primarily for fishing weekends but it's really tough wearing and brilliant for bushy type stuff