Wayland..You lucky so and so...

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
I've just read the Bushcraft Expeditions newsletter

Bushcraft Expeditions are pleased to announce Gary Waidson of Lancashire as the winner of our free to enter quarterly draw. Gary wins this hand made Sámi Reindeer Antler knife made by Per Henrik Simma of Lannavaara, Northern Sweden

You lucky so and so :You_Rock_

Get some pics up then mate :D

Hang on, haven’t you got one a bit like that already? Sure you don't need me to look after one of them for you????? :lmao:


:D It was a nice surprise for me when the call came the other day.

I haven't recieved it yet but the newsletter contained this picture of the knife.

I do hope they don't mind me using it to show you.

I'm waiting by the post box now.

Some of you that know me will know I am a great fan of Sámi craftwork and my general bushcraft knife is an antlerknife so I'm chuffed to bits.


New Member
Hi all,

For those that were wondering/e-mailing/asking re: our next free quarterly prize draw ... this is a "Gapahuk" ......


They are nifty Norwegian shelters not dissimilar in design to the old fashioned "Baker tents" only these are constructed in waterproof nylon rather than canvas making them obviously lighter, they are ideal for summer bushcraft forays when you want to get really close to nature or just want to look out and see the woods/wildlife around you.


Ps .. Wayland .. I hope your knife has arrived safely.