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  • Heh JD sorry I took a while figuring out how to reply. Not bad, pretty good in fact, had a weekend away at Loch Lomond last weekend, canoeing and camping with the wallabies, now sorting out gear to take to Norway a week on Saturday.
    I also tried out a new Bridge hammock design I've been working on, basic suspension atm, but will be installing spliced dyneema with woopie slings soon.

    How are you doing ? did you ever make one of those st.st. bracelets ?
    That sounds ACE! Jack's lucky to have a fabby dad like you. I shall investigate properly later - want to have a go at building something to smoke my sheep hides and keep the Cornish weather off them today. Take care, S
    Just saw the International Space Station fly over - it goes pretty fast. Only took a few minutes to cross the sky and go down again.
    Ah - that explains those then! Top kudos to you - the other two mods I asked (mentioning no names...Sargey 'n Mad Dave) didn't know :)
    You gone back to work for a break yet? ;) I'm off sea kayaking on Sunday, not sure where yet. Missing the river trip tomorrow cos of work- I knew there was a draw back to earning an income!
    I've got a job!! Woo hoo! I'm gonna be a drug dealer down in the local village. :) Our little chemist has agreed to take me on part time. Perfect! (The excitement is because it's SO hard to get work down here - the closest recruitment agency is up in Truro, cos there just isn't the work down this end of the county)
    Just rumbled a problem with this feature - you can't tell if someone responds to your message on their own profile other than by going and visiting every profile you've commented on to check...
    Ooh - this is new! Or is it just part of the private messaging system?
    Just sent you a proper email with lots of writing in it an everything.
    Better go check on my latest sheepskin now before it dries crackly...
    Take care,

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