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  • This is the man with horns knife black cf weave red liners ,shiney sharp black n red ,I think it will burn before it cuts ,thanks for my new best knife the design is so classy .atb Stewart .
    Hi9 Jonhatan,
    first of alla I would like to congrats with you for the design of the Deval Bushcrafter. Is really a piece of art, confortable, efficienet and last but not least so cool :) This last point is something good and not good : in fact my Bushcrafter is so beautifull that I'm hesitant to utilize it strongly...hmmm I need to force myself :)
    Now I'm looking for more suggestions: may you maybe point me in the right direction to a aftermarket Bayley Raven? I saw two in damascus on Britishblades, but I would like the "basic" one. Do you think is it possible?
    Many thanks my friend,
    Hi Jonathan

    I've heard lots of talk about the Deval bushcrafter you designed and i was wondering how i could get hold of one


    Hi JonathanD just wanted to say thanks for such a warm welcome into the group had a great time.
    oow you mad man thanks for pm saying tony had sorted the post about tea i di try to reply but ur inbox is full rock on drew
    Hi Jon

    Sabre arrived safe & well this morning - Well pleased

    Pleasure doing buisness with you

    Graham :D
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