*The* Gift-It-On Thread

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Jun 15, 2008
This just gets better and better! I'm just waiting to see something I need, great effort guys, very generous!


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Mar 5, 2009
South Glos
Now thats tempting, I'm after a day sack.

Think I'll wait to see if someone else wants it first as I've already had a turn.
Hi Guys,

sorry for the delay,

The next item is a Highlander Forces 33

Will try and get a pic up shortly. but in good conditions (almost new)
Oooh oooh I'm so tempted but I know if I have another rucksack the missus will chop me into little pieces and bury me in the side pockets and cargo bay of it.

I'll have to pass on this one too.

3 weeks ago I'd have snapped that Estwing axe up along with the arm holding it. Now I have too many axes (believe it or not) Always wanted an Estwing hatchet, been an Estwing hammer fan since I became an Apprentice Carpenter back in '78.

So as of just now Tank's offering a Highlander Forces 33 rucksack
Poised and ready on the starting block for whatever Beachlover's rummage turns up.

Got my offer already waiting to be posted, two options in fact, can't decide which, I'm just waiting for that special "Yeah, I'd like one of those" things to turn up.

Big hearty handshake to g4ghb for starting this. Absolutely killed the swap shop thread though but what the hell eh? :35:

So on current offer is the result of Beachlover's rummage

Ooooh I just love surprises! Hope it's a new car, or a weeks hoilday in the Bahamas or Kylie! Wow! Wouldn't that be great if it was Kylie!

I'll get my coat. :togo: