Precision .22LR

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bowji john

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We've spent a bit of time this lock down building a Precision Rifle Series style layout for .22LR

Aimed at those with

1. .22LR precision practice requirements to augment their centre fire PRS skills
2. A desire to hone their field precision shooting skills
3. A desire to get some fresh air and shoot for fun
4. A desire to get into precision shooting or see what it is all about

Shooters can either use my rifles under the 'estate rifle rules' or bring their own - I will have available a range of rifles from 452 / 455 CZs, Blaser R8 to Vudoo V22s.

Those that bring their own firearm will need to have them 'conditioned' for vermin control as opposed to target as we are not an HO approved range

We are operating under the miniature rifle range rules so are not age restricted to 17 years old - the youngest we can accommodate is 12

All attendees will either be required to show their FAC and/or fill in a Section 21 notice as required under the Firearms Act, declaring that they are not banned from using a firearm. (PM me should you require further info).

We shoot off barricades (similar to those you would use in the field) from 50m to 160m at targets of 3", 2" and 1"

Free standing shooting available on request, as is load dev and centre fire practice but that is separate from the ''miniature range'' activities

Individual and group instruction available

Moderators will be required on all personal firearms

We have range insurance to £5 million

I'm keeping the cost reasonable so £75.00 per person per day (ammo bought at cost) - max 12 people, but I'm happy if just one wants to come - however that is £100 for a single person

We are near Newquay, Cornwall

Obviously not available until the lurgy rules are lifted

bowji john

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For attendees under the age of 17, conditions apply - PM for details

Each day there is an appropriate ''course of fire'' that all attendees will have to follow - the layout doesn't allow for individuals to shoot their own COF if others are present


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Nov 21, 2020
Interested depending on dates. No FAC but a little previous experience, would also like to bring a novice +1.

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