Planes, Trains and Toboggans - Jokkmokk 2013 - Sub Zero Trip Report

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Feb 8, 2006
Wow! just read all the thread, thanks for putting up the report Wayland.
It was particularly interesting to see the crafts on display, with many of my favourite items in one place made by the traditial craftsmen.
One day I'll make it there.
I was initially going to do a report myself, but to be frankly honest the eloquence of the telling and fantastic photography already posted by my fellow adventurers far outshines my own meagre attempts at reports, and I feel that I would only be retelling that which has already been said far better than I ever could. I would like to say however that trip itself was made richer by those who were there, both my fellow travellers and the people we met along the way, and its to those I would like to thank you too.
I am intending to revisit the Market in 2014 for various of reason, including business but mainly because of the rich culture and deep seated way in which the Sami people are taking steps to protect their cultural heritage, and the willingness they are to share that with any who ask, even before we arrived at Jokkmokk on the coach from the Station a real welcoming spirit could be felt in all the people we met, from the helpful man on the coach with his stories and local knowledge, to the helpful staff in the museums and cultural centres, especially to a couple of Brits with an ever increasing number of questions.

On the subject of Kit.

Boots - Le Chameu Mouflon plus with felt liners and foot beds
750 Down, Arctic Tundra boots (designed for dry environments)
lots and lots of 80-100% wool socks

Base Layer - Ice breaker mid-thickness, and heavy thickness long sleeves and bottoms.

Mid-layer - Merino heavyweight pullover

100% Wool. fleece Lined hooded top

Quilted Norrona trousers
Logan wool winter trousers

Top/Shell - Canada Goose - Resolute Parker.
Canada Goose - Aviation quilted Fur Hat.
Hestra Down liner gloves with Elk Skin outers
Gortex over-trousers (these are to keep the snow out only, and not as a water protection layer).

Bags -
Mountain Equipment Arctic 800 Down sleeping Bag.
Silk bag liners



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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
Thank you Gary for all the effort you put into doing your write of of your adventures.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably go back to read it many a time in the future :)
Best and Funniest memories.

The Country and western Singer selling his new CD in the Market - His little dance that he did to anyone who glanced his way still make me chuckle.

Photographing the layering system in the middle of the Campsite in Broad daylight at -27. Especially the base layer bit (It was ***Cold, and standing around in your pants is not to be recommended, thats my excuse anyway officer!!!)

Entering the Sleeper Cabin in the Train for the first Time thinking "This is going to get REAL comfy" if someone else is booked in here as well.

That Dammed Elephant!

Having a like minded mate who saw the same funny side to things.

The Stealth second Breakfast foraging sessions (I wonder if they understood why the sudden sharp increase in the amount of teabags being used)

Those jellied sweets, and how the bags seemed to last less and less

and many more...

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Dec 31, 2012
Thank you for finding the time to put that together wayland. I think that the kuksa is a true work of art and a good way to show people sami culture. In fact all the pieces you have brought back will encourage and inspire. Its intresting that most nomadik cultures decorate their day to day objects with incredable detaill it shows they realy appricate what thay have. Since the trip i have been thinking abut the things i saw and i think that the sami have not changed much, not because they are cut off from the world but that they know they have everything they would ever need my bushcraft 197.jpgmy bushcraft 193.jpg THER IDENTITY AND THER CULTURE.


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Jan 29, 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed your reports Gary. Thanks for taking what must have been a huge amount of time and trouble.

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
Great write-up and photos - I love the omni-directional mittens!
I am getting inspired to make (simplified!) Sami sewing and match cases ... all I need is some decent antler...

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Dec 31, 2012
heres some random pictures[/ATTACH]my bushcraft 052.jpgmy bushcraft 053.jpgmy bushcraft 054.jpgmy bushcraft 090.jpgmy bushcraft 170.jpgmy bushcraft 198.jpgmy bushcraft 199.jpgmy bushcraft 200.jpgmy bushcraft 202.jpgmy bushcraft 166.jpgmy bushcraft 137.jpgmy bushcraft 127.jpgmy bushcraft 126.jpgmy bushcraft 097.jpgSorry that the pictures are a bit blured i am no good at taking pictures.I wish i had more pics of the boys but i dont, next time i will take as many pictures as i can.
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