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  • drew do me a favour and text me your number again! as ive upgraded today and lost all 279 contacts! I am chuffed to bits about that! lol!
    send me a postal address drew - I,ve made ya a lid for ya cup - happy birthday - its a special lid -aviation grade aliminium :)
    i should think so :) havnt managed to work out how many days off i can get yet, but i will be there.

    The BB group is now using KiK.com which is an android app, so download it and join in mate.

    Hi Drew,
    Sorry, I am booked else where that weekend. But i wil be going to your Middlewood Birthday bash! It was unfortunate that the dates were not posted in the original thread, as i tend to book them in my diary.

    See you soon!

    Sadly not mate, got too much on with uni & kids etc. Still hoping to get over to middlewood though :)
    Nope! They can make their own way down, but honestly whilst they really enjoyed it, chances are they'll probably only go if I take them again.

    You never know, they might come down on their own!
    Hi Drew - saw a post you put on Tonys wall, you can get film cannisters from any local film shop - just pop in and ask them to save a few for you - I got about 20 in two days, didn't cost me a penny.
    yes drew boris started on a forest knights first aid course where i had to pretend i was suffering hypothermia which has delusions/hallucintations as one symptom so i came up with the phrase badgers stole my spoon. this kind of became a motto and the better half bought me a badger and sat him in the kitchen with a spoon. and thus boris was born
    cheers drew, im open to anybodys lists, always useful to see what those who've been before take with them

    im at anitpotter at yahoo dot com
    how long ago mate? I've not had anything from you for a few weeks, got your one about the moot....
    Hey Drew, yup I will be coming to the moot and it will be for the FM one so from the 4th right through. :)
    Not sure about the naughty corner, might stay safe and go with my fellow counrtymen at Scots corner.
    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for the offer mate, but tomorrow is family chores day! Got to de-Christmas the house before returning to work on tuesday.

    Once agin, thanks tho! Have a good un!

    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for dropping me a line. We are up to around 7 or 8 leaders now. I'll be heading to Gilwell to take some pics of the larger campfire circle to see if things like tarps are viable (ie if it's possible to do anything other than the tent like config with one line to a tree). We have a leader who has a double tripod with bar coming so hopefully Dutch ovens will feature big time.

    I'll contact the organiser to see what perameters are open to us...


    Austin (Mang)
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