Giants Seat Meet 31st May -2nd June

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May 17, 2010
Manchester, England
Hi Guys

Another meet at Giants Seat chaps between 31st of May and 2nd June, the details are below.


Giants Seat is located off Ringley Road West.
This is the A667, which runs between Whitefield (Manchester) and Kearsley (Bolton).
The campsite is between the villages of Outwood and Ringley.
Distance from M60 Junction 17 - 3 miles (10 minutes).

Grid reference (of entrance from Ringley Road West) - SD 774 055 GB Grid

Ringley Road West
M26 1EW

Sat Nav users enter M26 1DY and keep following the track to the end, bearing left where it splits

Or paste this into Google


About the Site

The site is a functioning scout camp, we are lucky enough to have built a great relationship with the warden and are pretty much given free reign.

There are 10,000 standing Tree’s majority Oak although there are birch and beech on the site as well as a few others.

There is a VERY large field that can be used for tents etc. this is flanked by woods on both sides. Also at the bottom of the field is another wooded area ALL of which is scout land. The boundary on the left (looking down the field with Martin Lodge behind you) is the stream. On the right the boundary is the road that runs towards the garden centre. At the bottom the boundary is where the rail track meet the Motorway. The site as a whole covers 54 acres, so there is no issue with space.

There is a fully functional Shower block with 3 electric showers, sinks, urinals and 5 toilets. There is also access to drinking water on the site.

There are a few rules that need to be followed to allow us all to have a good time without damaging the relationship that we have built Please take a few mins to read through this post to familiarise yourselves as failure to adhere to these rules may mean you being asked to leave the site

Thanks in advance

Dave Bromley


Giants Seat Rules

*Please pay Subs when you arrive, its £5 per night per person. (i'm there for a good time too so dont want to have to chase people please)

*All litter must be removed from site, there is NO site bin so if you brought it with you take it out or burn it please (not whilst others are cooking)

*NO GROUND FIRES –other than areas the I say is ok.

*We can take as much deadwood as we like BUT IT MUST BE DEAD if in doubt leave it alone

*The Flag circle is out of bound (no exceptions)

*Sharps and alcohol dont mix so no drunken sillyness (by all means have a drink just dont overdo it)

*Sharps to be sheathed unless in use

*any Guests or Minors are the responsibility of the relevant Member

*There is ample room if you want to be away from the group by all means do so.

* Toilet blocks are to be left clean! (offering to do these will be of great help as I usually get left to do them)

*All litter must be removed from site, there is NO site bin so if you brought it with you take it out or burn it please (not whilst others are cooking) Yes this is on here twice as the last 2 meets I have ended up with a lot of rubbish left on site which I then have to shift…. This is NOT acceptable if you bring it you shift it.

* oh and last but most important ...........................HAVE FUN!!

I know a lot of these wont apply to everyone on here, but better to be safe than sorry

Thanks guys and i look forward to seeing you there



Feb 10, 2013
Will be signing up for this one on Monday when that when's rota goes up at work. Determined not to miss this one, I'm practically packed already XD


Aug 30, 2006
Nr Chester
I think some weekends are just a no-go for some folk mate. I am on duty that weekend decorating :(
Bet you can guess where i would rather be.

Red Fox

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Dec 31, 2012
wooo hoooo

That should be epic, do you want us to bring anything mate?

Maby if we all brought some coal we would be able to forge all day and some of the night. If mad dave comes he could bring his tram track for a spare anvul. A cople of spare hammers would be usful as would some bits of scrap for making things.Also gloves and clothes that won't burn easily, safety glasses, hack saws all these things would help but i should have enougth stuff anyway. The extrs things will just mean more peple can have a go and wont have to wait as long for ther turn, oh wire brushes,grips,sand paper,a bucket,only if pratical for people to bring. Dont go luging bags of coal about as we could always drive to the shop. This camp will be a rewarding one and i am looking forward to it, i have a few projects i want to do and finish off. I think mad dave wants to have a go at making fire stells and alan wants a gypsy kettle iron. If anybody wants to make a tomahawk head bring an old hammer.:) ...

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