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  • hi mark.on holiday at the moment will land back on the 28/9/=hope to attend weekend meet please keep in touch thanks phil
    im good thanks mate, i moved from harrogate to newcastle 6 months ago. Cities are a bit grim but oh well. brockwell is close i suppose
    Hi Mark,

    Just read you are moving to Manchester in the New Year I travel from Kendal to Manchester every second week to visit my daughter and grandchildren.

    When you are settled please pm so we can hopefully meet up for a bushcraft meet.

    Please note I have joined Derbyshire group.

    Regards Kendalphil
    Slingshot is near completion, but I've decided to go bigger and better. I'm toying with a small batch that I might be able to sell on. Hopefully they'll turn out well.

    I went to Marsden too, but pickings were slim. couldn't find much at all. Quite disappointing. Let me know if you have any luck.
    Hi Mark,

    I have been in touch with Andybysea about getting out for a few nights before xmas... we're looking to see what interest there is for the weekend of 11th Dec. It will be up on the beach north of Berwick upon Tweed. If you fancy it you could drive to mine and I could take you the rest of the way.
    I know it's a long trip but it would be good to have you there if you can make it.

    Let me know,


    (message sent to Joel and Chris too)
    hey up Mark, yep seen the pic's there awesome way better than mine.....all the best and hope to see you again soon.... say hi to claire for me...

    Hiya Mark,
    I take it you got home :)

    Me too. Just in. Stuffed my face and about to get rid of the bonfire smell!

    Good to meet you; I know we'll meet again and look forward to spending some time with you.


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