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  1. I

    Ranger roll sleep system

    Hello all, I'm interested in the sleep system referred to in this video and am wondering if anyone else has used it? It seems to be a relatively inexpensive and compact way of building a winter sleep system and with some variations you could even add the wool blanket to the outside for use with...
  2. Sub5mango

    Down or Synthetic

    I am looking at buying a new sleeping bag for the winter. I'll be sleeping on a thermarest venture mat with a macpac cocoon bivi under a basha. I've read about down being affected by damp yet it is so much lighter and smaller than synthetic. Is the damp really that much of a concern for down bags?

    Trip Report Video of trips in late autumn/early winter in Estonia

    Hei! Not really a bushcrafting video but rather a collection of clips from few places I visited past 4 months for your enjoyment. Any thoughts and critics are welcome. Still learning about filming and editing.
  4. Wayne

    Snow Shoes

    I looking to get into snow shoeing this winter. Not much snow in Sussex so I’m heading to Finland in January. The plan is to hike, snow shoe self supported for few days. Jump on the train back home. Question is what should I look for in a pair of shoes? Any recommendations?
  5. P

    Norway in November?

    What's it like? Where to go? What to do? Any ideas? Family trip so nothing too adventurous. Kind of northern lights, touristy things with a bit of outdoors. Young child so not sure snow shoeing and cross country skiing is even possible. Not sure if it's too hard with kid in a carrier.
  6. P

    Something new for family holiday

    Not sure if this is the right place in the forum but here goes. I'm hoping to get some good ideas from the creative bunch on this forum. We're looking for a short break activity holiday that is good for adults (2 parents) and one very young child (pre-school). We're walkers, cyclists, car...
  7. W

    Dog sledding in the Alaskan wilderness

    At the end of March this year I travelled to Alaska with my partner and dad on an unforgettable trip. We spent a week dog sledding with a guide in the middle of the pristine Alaskan wilderness. I have written up the entire trip on my blog in four parts which I thought I'd share in case anyone is...
  8. theoctagon

    Backpacking Ben Lawers

    Just got back from a cracking weekend up in the snow in Scotland so I thought I'd share a couple of photo's and a video from my trip: Camp below Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Sunrise from camp, Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Not really a trip report...
  9. OurJud

    Lightweight sleeping bag for fatties

    I'm hoping to spend a few days in the Lake District leading up to Christmas, but could really do with some help finding a decent sleeping bag. My problem is my size (not height, but width) and because of this I loath mummy style sleeping bags as I can hardly fit inside them, let alone move...
  10. Retired Member southey

    Stainforths and Severourick hatchet

  11. forestwalker


    I bought a pair of snowshoes, and today I got to test them Ojibwe style No lampwick, byt polyester webbing works ok: Nice view from out on the ridge: (more pictures:
  12. forestwalker

    Winter footwear

    (Someone asked me for advice re winter footwear, and I figured the answer could be usefull for more people, so here it is, slightly edited.) I have four different winter boots, each with their own pros and cons. Nokians: warm, will keep you dry even in slush, wet snow and overflow on lakes...
  13. Rob

    Expedition / Outdoor First Aid

    We have had a couple of people ask us about course dates over the winter months - as we don't usually run any courses until the spring, after the autumn ones. If anyone is interested, drop me a pm or an email through Wilderness 1-2-1 and I will see what we can come up with.
  14. L

    The Vosges, France, in February: what to expect?

    Hi all, A couple of friends and myself are planning a hiking trip to the Vosges in France in the second week of February. This would be our first winter trip at moderate height (up to 1424m, Grand Ballon) and hopefully a good warm up to head for the Alps, Cairngorns or Scandinavia next...
  15. merrygold85

    First Winter Snow 2010

    Hey everybody, Last night we got our first snow here in Newcastle so this morning I decided to go for a walk and take some pictures. Just around the corner from me is the Ouseburn Valley which has a couple of small parks and wooded walkways. So thats where I headed. Not exactly into the...
  16. Nightwalker

    Thermometer - Recording Overnight Temperatures

    I am looking for a digital thermometer to record overnight temperatures (through this winter), I want it to be small/light, power-efficient (hopefully running on a watch-battery etc). I need it to be able to remember minimum & maximum temps. Any recommendations? I'm not looking to spend a...
  17. P

    Winter/Snow Camo

    Alright Guys, i know its very late to be talking about this because in Sunny GB its the summer. But i'm wanting to know if you guys have came across any good parkas/trousers suitable for winter wear preferably a winter snow pattern on it or just plain white. Ive saw the German Snow over suit...
  18. edispilff

    Anorak wind/water proof wool

    Hey everyone.. long time gone. Hope everyone is happy now that winter is here. Posted a thread over at another forum, and thought this might be of interest to some of the folks here: This took me quite a while to get all the material combinations right, but it turned out spot on for those...