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  1. bob_the_baker

    Berberis Spork

    After much nagging, I have finally made my daughter her spork. I recently trimmed a piece of, very windswept, Berberis from my father-in-law's garden and was amazed by the colour. Really pleased with this one, the colour and the grain are really nice.
  2. tracker1972

    Another spoon, but this one is poorly made...

    ...it is however the first I have made that could actually function as a spoon. I am quite pleased! Chunk of wood from what I am pretty sure were sycamores that were being pollarded in a park near the school I teach in. Begged a bunch of the wood to take to school to use with the kids and...
  3. spader

    Mora Carving and Spoon Tools

    Hi All Just gathered up some used surplus tools from the shed, and selling them. The First top is Mora 120 SOLD. £50 for the remaining 4x lot deal. ====>Sold
  4. E

    First two spoons...

    Hi there! Been a member of this forum for a long time, but haven't been active member of this great community, so hello! Just wanted to share with you guys some pics of my very first two spoons(Decided to take a plunge and ordered a Mora 164) I wasn't aware of how calming the whittling can be:)...
  5. Samon

    Some recent carvings! Pic heavy.

    Yo! I was diggin' around in the cave the other day when looking for a few bits and whilst rummaging came across my crook knife that I hadn't used in a few months! :rolleyes: It's one of the medium Ben Orford crook knives I bought early last year and I decided it needed a sheath, as the leather...
  6. Samon

    Enzo trapper! Any good?

    Can someone who owns or has handled one of the Enzo trapper knives let me know what they are like!? I'd very much like to hear some of your views on this knife as I'm quite taken by it's looks and slick design. Thanks for the input guys!
  7. bushcraftmyway

    spoon carving... my way!

    i think that a spoon is more than a spatula with a depression :D... apart from being useful, the spoon should be graceful and pleasant to the eye. the most difficult part to make (for me) is the "neck" (i don't know if there is a specific word for it :o ), which should be elegantly curved...
  8. PaulSanderson

    Another 2 spoons...

    Hi guys and girls... ...I think im addicted. Hawthorn love spoon on the right for the wife, and a chestnut tea spoon on the left. Please excuse the quality of the pics - phone camera. Cheers for looking...Pabs.
  9. PaulSanderson

    Beginners attempts at whittling...

    Hiya guys and gals... Im relatively new to whittling/carving, but in the last few months have had a go at producing something of some use instead of putting my efforts on the fire...so here are a few spoons and a hazel ring I crafted for the future Mrs P. Starting on the left my first ever...
  10. Night Phoenix

    My Snake Spoon :)

    Ok so its not perfect (I was pushed for time) but i do like it. Its under 13cm long and koldrosed for the pattern. Getting back into carving again. Yay.
  11. PaulSanderson

    1 hour, 1 spoon...my first spoon...

    Hey guys, I love seeing other peoples handiwork, but alas im no craftsman so Ive always just admired other folks' work. However, I decided to finally pick up some wood and have a go at making my first spoon. So here it is, full of imperfections, but thats strangely what I like about it. It...
  12. Muddypaws

    Too much time on my hands!

    I never thought that I would be bragging on the internet that I had the smallest one, but I have! (spoon, that is). Some of you may remember the action spoon but this time I have gone smaller. . I tried to find the most suitably bushcraft attired Lego man to model the new spoon...
  13. Night Phoenix

    My One Handed Spoon!!!!!!

    I injured one of my hands really badly a wee while ago and was unable to use it at all, so I am rather proud that I managed to make this spoon one handed. What you think? Should I be?