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  • Hi Guys, as members, many of whom abodoned BB due to crap sevice poor apps and general disgust! you will be interested to know that Whatsapp have purchased the BB platform and there is now a cross platform and allows iphone, android, BB and all other phone types to chat. Like BBM it allows 20 members to talk at the same time.

    So do we change to whatsapp or delete the group?

    dunno dude...everytime i tried to go into the forum, my phone would go ape sh*t...ive had to turn off "data services" to as it was constantly transmitting and receiving...wierd!!
    Hi Paul
    Many thanks for the detailed reply re army surplus webbing / boots etc http://www.bushcraftuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62145&p=752271#post752271 ...it was particularly cool to hear from an ex-seviceman who has used this stuff in the field full-on (about as full-on as it gets, I should imagine!). Apologies for the delayed reply: I haven't had internet access for a while. Due to lack of funds rather than being in The Wilds, alas! The financial problems, and more recently a broken arm (sustained during daily fitness training... the irony! ...in prep for f/t Wilderness Survival) have delayed my departure. But I hope to get off mid-March. Oh, and I managed to suss the belt buckle clasp at last!
    well the site has been split down. 4 hanger is used by the police for their training. the H-blocks have been turned into a prison and the other hangers are being looked at by TAG Aviation as a potential site for aicraft maintenance and decomission.

    Eng-wing? where? i was in AMF.
    He would have been in Eng-wing.

    They keep saying that they are going to something with it, but I haven't heard anything definite yet. At one point in time they were talking about making it a conservation area, although I don't know if that was officially agreed. Do you know what they plan on doing with the site?
    Ah right...I actually locked up Station HQ as I was on the rear party...didnt get to lock the gate though :O( Where did WO Dimmer work? I was there from 2000-2006.

    I live in the neighbouring village now so i get to see it fall into a slow decline which is very sad.
    Afraid not, but both my mother and my grandfather were there, as well as several friends of mine. I visited it a few times, including both the last day of it being an operational fighter station and its last day of being an RAF base. Such as great station, it was a big shame to see it go.

    Out of interest, did you ever know a Warrant Officer Geoff Dimmer?
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