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  1. Black-Dog

    Restringing a gathered end hammock (help)

    Hello good outdoorsmen and women of bushcraft uk, I hope you're all doing well, and having a nice day I have the ever so common DD frontline hammock I foolishly removed the factory fitted rope from my hammock in attempt to replace with paracord, and im wondering if anyone has any tips on...
  2. H

    Ground Mat Recommendations

    Hi, recently had a week of Hammock camping in South Wales with a couple of mates, but had some issues with a punctured ground mat on the last night. I use the mat for insulation in my hammock as it gives me the flexibility to sleep on the ground should I need to (so I am not interested in an...
  3. Tipi

    Sold Hennessy Hammock Deluxe Explorer A-sym

    Selling my Hennessy as I think im just too tall for it. Its rated to 7" and i am that, but i just cant get comfy in it. Comes with: 2 original tree huggers at 108cm 2 home made tree huggers at 225 (stitched with heavy duty thread on my singer 29k to the same pattern as the originals and ive...
  4. Geek

    Tarp/sleeping set-ups

    Thought a thread showing tarp / sleeping set-ups may be of interest. I was going to upload a picture from today, however, is it possible to upload pictures from your PC or do you need to use a third party hosting site (which I don't have)?
  5. S

    ENO Hammock Setup.

    Ok.. Where do I start? I ordered a complete hammock setup from America, after importing everything and setting everything up. My Wife then went and bought a different Hammock setup from another wishlist (I have many) for my up and coming Birthday! One Setup has to go! So this is what I have...
  6. Iain Lawrence

    My youtube channel

    Here is one of my recent trips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF63dWYLUk
  7. mousey

    Hammocks - Not just for sleeping in...

    Was fed up with my daughters soft toys lying all over the place so...
  8. J

    Sample Down Quilt from Alpkit

    I've taken some snaps of the first sample quilt we got delivered today - here are some details - but they can be flexible, just wondering what people think. I have had a synthetic one before and contemplated a down one, which spurred me on to ask the product guys - they had some ideas and this...
  9. mousey

    Hammock Stand

    Here's a hammock stand. It was built to fit into the box room which has become my indoor space for my carp. The photos are in situ and it really IS a box room so not a lot of space to manoeuvre. Looking one way Then the other The other end is the same... The material was left in the back...
  10. TheBrook

    DD Hammock Review, Tips and Tricks

    Hi Everyone, Here's a video for everyone who uses a hammock or is thinking about using one in the future. In this video I will show you what the DD Camping Hammock can do and will give you some excellent tips and tricks with any hammock on the market not just the DD ones...
  11. dimi.t.dfd

    Warbonnet Blackbird XLC 1.1 DL Hammock review

    I write gear reviews for Exploremore.eu. I use hammocks all the time when I'm travelling and IMHO the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC is the best hammock out there! Here's the link to the full review: http://exploremore.eu/warbonnet-blackbird-xlc-1-1-dl/
  12. T

    Hammock - Full set up

    DD Frontline Hammock - Used twice I think! - Complete with DD Whoopie Slings, Tree Wraps and 2 x homemade soft shackles in Amsteel - 2 x Lightweight Ali poles and original 10m of webbing also included. Great condition, stitching on stuff bag has come away slightly - £55 inc signed for P&P...
  13. Hammock_man

    Handy Hammocks Lightweight Stand

    goodjob Handy Hammocks Lightweight Hammock Stand. Intro:- Having seen Handy Hammocks lightweight hammock stand mentioned on the Bushcraft UK web site, I thought I would treat myself to a set for use with my DD hammock. My hammock has been modified so a small loop of DD tree hugger has been...
  14. Seoras

    Bushmoot Starter Course

    For the second year at the Bushmoot we ran the Starter course. This course is designed for anyone who wants to spend time in a comfortable environment practicing some of the key skills that many bushcrafters take for granted. This is a course that is open to anyone no matter their age as I...
  15. G

    Snugpack Jungle hammock

    Snugpack Jungle Hammock was thinking about buying this hammock, it packs down nice and small, and takes a good amount of weight, the only thing i'm not sure on is the quality of the net, the description it gives is. "The mosquito net is made from 20D Polyester with 1000 mesh per square inch...
  16. E

    hammock underquilt/ diy hammock sock opinions

    okay so for the last couple of times I have used my hammock I have been quite cold and waking up at early hours. I realise that I need more insulation and I have had no luck finding anything but homemade solutions have been used I've noticed. So I want to make something to help. 1.underquilt...
  17. wilderlore


    I am heading to Borneo in the summer, to lead a Jungle expedition. I am trying to decide between a Hennessy or Snugpak Hammock, what are people preferences and why?
  18. theoctagon

    Hammock set-up

    The clear out continues, next up for sale is my hammock set-up: Sale includes Tenth Wonder Green Hornet hammock, Tenth Wonder 3x3m Tarp and MYOG underquilt,. Much loved and well looked after so all in good condition, sale includes all lines etc that are used to rig the hammock and tarp...
  19. copper_head

    A couple of nights hanging

    Just back from a couple of nights out in the hammock. Had a dose of the man-flu but a good time was had non-the-less. Picked up my buddy on Tuesday afternoon then headed out to the woods, a few miles walk across the valley then up into the forest. Ramsons! Forget-me-nots (? - My plant ID...
  20. twyforge

    Pillar Drill

    Hi I have to swap my pillar drill stand. it is a great bit of space saving equipment, allows you to turn your handheld power drill into a vertical pillar drill. barely used, only used it to drill the pin holes in my 1st knife so pretty much new. Pictures here...