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  1. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    hammock for a fat bloke......

    What is the strongest hammock available and where can I find one????? I'm a big fella and don't want a catastrophic failure in the middle of the night. I'm tired of sleeping on the ground. Am I just worrying for nothing? I assume it's 550 Paracord or stronger for rigging eh?
  2. B

    DD hammock karabiner mod help

    Hi All Just taken delivery of my first DD hammock. Looking forward to giving it a go, but first things first - karabiner mod. Has anyone here done this. I'm assuming you use a fishermans knot to join the two ends of the webbing at the hammock end. However, does anyone have any suggestions...
  3. tjwuk

    100g Goose down wanted

    Hi all, I am after about 100g of goose down. I already have some from my xmas dinner:christmas1: birds but would like to try my hand at adding to that and making a hammock underblanket. Also if available any material, pertex etc that wil do as the cover. 2x 2.25m x 1.7m. Thanks all in advance...