Sold Hennessy Hammock Deluxe Explorer A-sym

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Jun 14, 2006
Wondering Wizard, UK
Selling my Hennessy as I think im just too tall for it. Its rated to 7" and i am that, but i just cant get comfy in it.

Comes with:
2 original tree huggers at 108cm
2 home made tree huggers at 225 (stitched with heavy duty thread on my singer 29k to the same pattern as the originals and ive spent several hours hanging on them and stitching seems fine. i weigh over 100kg)
A-sym Tarp
Bottom entry hammock (classic)
pair snake skins
stuff sack with set up instructions
original packaging for both hammock and snake skins

it has had a small repair where the mozzie net came away from the hammock (pictured) One of the clips for the tarp broke in the recent high winds, but there is a ring that you can clip the tarp up with (Pictured). the tarp inside has also started to discolor and now looks a bit creamy colored, but testing in the recent rain has proved it still waterproof.

specs (from bag):
300lb weight limit
set up 3 mins

£120 ono. Including uk postage. via paypal please

i bought this a few years ago in Australia, it appears to be this one based on the the specs from the packaging: