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  1. Leo Seven

    My first carving.

    I do not know if I made it right, but I like it. I used a metal spoon and a knife. I want to make a kuksa but I have no tools for this. Looking for an idea how to karve it
  2. Dave Budd

    Carving Tools Course

    This time it's a week long course to make your own Carving Tool kit! :Wow: This course combines my knife and axe making courses, with a little extra thrown in. As always the course is run in my Woodland Workshop in the heart of Devon, about 10 miles west of Exeter and you are welcome to camp...
  3. bob_the_baker

    Berberis Spork

    After much nagging, I have finally made my daughter her spork. I recently trimmed a piece of, very windswept, Berberis from my father-in-law's garden and was amazed by the colour. Really pleased with this one, the colour and the grain are really nice.
  4. spader

    Mora Classic 1 & 2 and Mora Carving Knives

    Hi All These were bought NEW but not used, hence for sale. Payment via Paypal. Strictly over 18 only please. Price quoted includes UK mainland tracked delivery. Mora Classic 1 & 2 for £ £35 Mora Carving knives set for £35 ==> Sold
  5. spader

    Mora Carving and Spoon Tools

    Hi All Just gathered up some used surplus tools from the shed, and selling them. The First top is Mora 120 SOLD. £50 for the remaining 4x lot deal. ====>Sold
  6. Dean

    Hawthorn On Hawthorn Spork

    A Spork made for a client as an anniversary gift for his wife. Made from Hawthorn with a partially carved leaf and pyrografied leaves, berries and flowers. Treated with Flaxseed oil. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  7. M

    Kuksa !

    I started this project in the spring. It has sat in my 'to do' basket for months I have spent the summer learning new skills and traveling around the West Country. Last week I finally sat down with my MiniMac knife and finished him off. I've just taken multiple orders for more. Looks...
  8. G

    Traditional English Shaving Horse Plan

    Hello everybody, i just found this wonderfully detailed plan for a shaving horse with measurements, wood choice, using instructions and other very interesting informations and just wanted to share it with you :) I might have a go at it myself in the next time maybe. Have fun with it...
  9. M

    Summer time Kuksa...

    I have been asked to carve a few Beaver tail kuksa. My friend and fellow spoon maker, Alan, arrived with a few lengths of Birch for the job. I use my H.Roselli axe for these Beaver tails. There is a lot of obtuse end grain work to chop. The Roselli does this work very very well. I don't...
  10. Samon

    Some recent carvings! Pic heavy.

    Yo! I was diggin' around in the cave the other day when looking for a few bits and whilst rummaging came across my crook knife that I hadn't used in a few months! :rolleyes: It's one of the medium Ben Orford crook knives I bought early last year and I decided it needed a sheath, as the leather...
  11. Angst

    Mora 120 Wood Carving knife sheaths....4 of them

    Hi... I've just finished making these...Mora 120 Wood Carving knife sheaths...made from 2.5mm full grain veg tan shoulder and embossed with with my makers mark and oak leaf motif...hand-dyed with fiebings or natural artificial sinew, thick 4mm welts to protect stitching, black...
  12. Sale

    Hatchet, machete or parang?

    I was searching for a good hatchet that would fit my needs (chopping and carving) when I started thinking that maybe a hatchet is not the best choice for me. There are other tools, like a machete or a parang, that may be a better option. So, here is my question: when would you choose a...
  13. Biker

    Biker's Woodspirit a.k.a. "Beserker"

    Had one of those Sunday's today. Alison my partner's been glued to the TV watching the celebrations of Her Royal Highness and bemoaning the fact that I'm missing out on this historic occasion. Now I'm proud of the Queen and all, but having the gogglebox in the corner tell me how I should spend...
  14. bushcraftmyway

    spoon carving... my way!

    i think that a spoon is more than a spatula with a depression :D... apart from being useful, the spoon should be graceful and pleasant to the eye. the most difficult part to make (for me) is the "neck" (i don't know if there is a specific word for it :o ), which should be elegantly curved...
  15. PaulSanderson

    Another 2 spoons...

    Hi guys and girls... ...I think im addicted. Hawthorn love spoon on the right for the wife, and a chestnut tea spoon on the left. Please excuse the quality of the pics - phone camera. Cheers for looking...Pabs.
  16. PaulSanderson

    Beginners attempts at whittling...

    Hiya guys and gals... Im relatively new to whittling/carving, but in the last few months have had a go at producing something of some use instead of putting my efforts on the here are a few spoons and a hazel ring I crafted for the future Mrs P. Starting on the left my first ever...
  17. Night Phoenix

    My Snake Spoon :)

    Ok so its not perfect (I was pushed for time) but i do like it. Its under 13cm long and koldrosed for the pattern. Getting back into carving again. Yay.
  18. WolfCrafter

    Wood Spirit - Carving Tutorial

    Here is a short tutorial on how to go about carving a wood spirit out of pear wood. There are many shapes, sizes and designs of wood spirits, and different techniques for carving them, this is how I carve mine! I hope you find it useful! :D Tools/Items Used: Small Piece of Pear Wood...
  19. merrygold85

    My first finished carving

    Hi all, I thought I would share some photos of my first finished carving (as of about 10 mins ago). I say first "finished" carving because I started a spoon before this which still needs a lot of work. All honest opinions and constructive criticism are most welcome. A little while...