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    Ray mears Talks This morning.(radio)

    Use BBC iPlayer to catch it again ;)
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    How can I stop cats doing there business in my garden?

    I was watching Alan Titchmarsh on tv (yesterday i think) and he had a viewer write in about this problem of cats fouling in the garden. He suggested planting 'dog rose' around the place.
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    F.S. Pheonix Phreeranger

    Cheers RB, very informative that so i reckon ill be getting along to Polmil.. Dont know anyone after a tent though sorrry, but at least its getting a bump for free :o many thanks!
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    F.S. Pheonix Phreeranger

    Hi RB, thanks for replying to the pm - its this shirt im on about ;) many thanks
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    works a treat, cheers!
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    Thanks Russ, got mine today - nice work buddy! :)
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    PM sent, thank you Russ!
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    Id like one too please :)
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    Crusader Cup Lids

    Hi Russ, if there is a chance of a spare one can i put my name down for one. Many thanks.
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    Golite Hex 3 (Green)

    PM sent cheers.
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    berry collector

    For those interested in the berry collector Ray Mears used in his latest BBC program Wild Food, here`s a pic
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    Any interest in a Para cord group buy ???

    Thanks RB they just arrived safe and sound - very professionally run. Cheers! :)
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    Any interest in a Para cord group buy ???

    2 x Olive Green please RB
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    Free Nikwax !!!!

    Glad its of use to you stone, you could of course enter again using a relatives address etc.. ;)
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    Ray Mears

    I have attended two Woodlore courses, a weekend cookery course and the fundamental week course. The cookery one was lead by Mr Mears himself, the Fundamental was lead by Gary Wale, Juha Rankinen, Ben McNutt and Lisa Fenton. Both great courses with excellent instructors, hardly weak...