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    Why was the 'Why prepare' thread shut down..?

    It wasn't provoked Gary, It was from the heart.. I feel that nothing has been resolved so I bid you guys goodbye.... I have very much enjoyed using this site and I have met some good mate mates through it, but it is time for me to move on.. I shall be on Bushcraft living if anyone wants me...
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    Why Prepare?

    Very well said Bernie... No point in sticking your oar in if you are trying to paddle on concrete.. Just to try and get back on track.... Why Prepare..? I think preparation is a good thing if it makes you happier. If others don't like that, then thats their problem.. Its a bit like...
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    Why was the 'Why prepare' thread shut down..?

    Tony... Thank you for your responce. This has nothing to do with the nights drawing in, moon phases or anything like that. I am spending less time on here right now if anything. Let me put it like this.. I get home from work and turn on my favourite forum and see a thread I am interested...
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    Why was the 'Why prepare' thread shut down..?

    Thank you Lithril... I do not want slagging matches either, just open and healthy debate between forum members who should be adult enough to know about this being a family forum. Talk is good... You also bring up something else there... Survival... Last weekend I attended a very good survival...
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    penrith survival equipment

    They used to be called Survival aids and I used to drool over their catalogues.. Very good company....Still..
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    Why was the 'Why prepare' thread shut down..?

    I agree... Two of the mods on here I consider friends and I know modding is a thankless task and I am real sorry for bringing this all up and making more hassle for them. Its just I am so frustrated with a lot of things on here that I felt I just had to say something. So many of my mates I have...
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    Why was the 'Why prepare' thread shut down..?

    As in the title... It was a good debate and I get home from work and find it closed with no explanation.. Why....? Why are so many threads shut down on here when a good debate is going..? Why do we have to stick to such limited subject matter..? We are encouraged to use the search...
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    River Tracking day out

    Hi Rhoda... Is this still on, and if so, where are we meeting etc..?
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    oil lamp
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    Oi Bernie!!!

    Cor, its all been going on eh.. I wondered what this thread was on about until I saw that Bernie has been banned. I think Martyn should be banned too, for baiting Bernie and winding him up.. I bet he is smiling to himself for getting Bernie banned.. I hope you come back on here Bernie, I...
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    Love it..:D
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    Removing secondary bevel

    Would stropping it to make the secondary bevel more rounded like a convex grind help with the way it performs..? Just a thought.. Oops, just seen that has already been suggested...sorry.
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    Out & about again - pic heavy

    Not reptillians then..? Sorry, shouldn't say that, might get your thread locked...
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    Out & about again - pic heavy

    Did you see any witches on chanctonbury ring Mark..?
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    Winter Dartmoor meet...?

    Don't know on that Nat. Ashburton is the nearest town to the site.. I am sure someone would be able to pick you up from a local station.. Watch this space..