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    Snow here...

    here the rain has just turned to very slushy snow, snow in the hills though. Its getting more like snow as i type this post
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    Bicycling Touring

    It would be better to get solid forks as they are lighter have a slight flex which would be more comfortable than locked shocks. Suspension is heavy and sucks up allot of your power up hills. If going on rough terrain, wider tyres (your bike will need the clearance) and solid forks will get...
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    Cooking in a cup

    Tried enamel mugs? I made a brew once in one from poundland. Not quite big enough for food however.
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    My new website

    You could also link or embed videos ito your blog. eg. "A Trip To Newbottle Spinney"
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    My new website

    When you make your banner use transparency and it will settle better.
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    Apple Kuksa

    should be fine when oiled (walnut oil is best)
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    knife damage

    Maybee however perhaps the edge is sharpened to thin. Once i put a very thin razor edge on a opinel, after batoning a small stick it was gone! Then again, there is a lot of bad steel out there and the edge rolling as opposed to chipping probably hints that it is too soft.
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    Simple Fireside Recipe Collection

    Get some rice, Dolop of Pataks Madras paste (or your choice) add some cayenne pepper if you want heat. Put in plastic takeaway tub for down woods. Put in pan, cover with 2cm water, stir. Cook for a while testing to see if its ready. Curry Rice!! Mine was really hot (2 tbsp cayenne) so was very...
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    There's such thing as zombies?
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    having a bash at a homemade forge...

    for a simple forge a biscuit tin or bbq would work personally i would make a wood burner however there may be a good way to make it into a forge
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    Electrifying a bicycle

    Also you could look into hub motors (legal limit is about 200-300W but you could fake the sticker!)
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    Electrifying a bicycle

    I have become crazy about recumbents recently and I am in the process of building one. They may be less of a strain for someone with a heart problem but not much I dont think However I have seen these really good videos of someone making a electric recumbent trike hybrid with a shell must have...
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    Which Axe Sharpening Tools?

    that's quite a hard target, but it is possible (good for mini axes) I normally go a bit below that though. I use a foldable diamond file/stone (£2.50 ebay, and found a small one free in a nail cutting set) and to finish a home-made stone from a river
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    Suggestions for good all round BC knife please

    you could get the Mora classic, I re-handled mine because of the nasty paint (very easy)
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    Top Ten Hiking Foods

    Walnuts and dates would be a very high energy combo