Ranger roll sleep system

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Mar 5, 2018
But it doesn't cover the arms of adult men. It's only 140 cm wide. And like that it is too tight as an emergency bivvy bag.

But interesting for me is if you sometimes step onto it or not if you wear it as a raincoat. I currently work in the design of a new poncho. The cut will be like the BW poncho, or US army poncho, but it will become larger.
I want to know what is the maximum possible size.

Too wide would be if tall persons can't grap something anymore, to long would be if one tends to step onto it.

That's why I am very interested in your experience, @TLM !
Is yours 235 or 220 cm long?
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Nov 30, 2011
Several times i've been soo strapped that i've simply rolled into my basha and fell asleep.

However you'll wake up wet with sweat, wont be kept that dry in the rain, but will be kept warmer.

The old poncho liners aren't any warmer than a decent hoodie imo, definitely not suitable for use in our climate.

They are ideal as a travel blanket for use in an airport or terminal etc.. anywhere inside.


Mar 28, 2021
I'm surprised at the longevity of this discussion. I don't think I will be wearing my vintage thornproof tweed shooting jacket on Malibu Beach anytime soon. Some ideas and kit are regional specific. We all have the inner desire to do or try something different. I was forum moderator on a website a few decades past. I stumbled on the Norwegian made Fjellduken shelters: the big bags in mountain camouflage with a reflexive liner. They were popular with still hunters and now military kit. I exhausted my diplomatic skills trying to order one for USA delivery. Nothing leaves a bad taste in one's mouth more as utter silence from a merchant. Now Varusteleka has a limited offering and I'm utterly disinterested. Brynje was also a phantom as ephemeral as their fishnets. I finally tracked down a dealer in Washington State who wanted a fortune. Now a Colorado dealer markets them. Eagle Teapot? I ordered from Ray Mears' website WHEN THEY HAD SOME AT HAND and was delighted with customer service and item. Of course, I HAD to buy a G STOVE from Canada and now looking for a tent. I MAY get to use it on some future winter excavations.
My point? for all of Globalization there is still a lot of regional tradition and ways of doing things.
Still, I would love an tweed Inverness cape if we ever see snow in our mountains again.
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