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Mar 5, 2018
If you carry a saw and a hatchet or even an axe in order to process the firewood, you have the same additional weight (or even more) as if you would carry a well rated sleeping bag.

If you carry a sleeping bag you can break your firewood by treading onto it with the hiking boot and split the wood to kindling with a full tang knife like Morakniv Garberg or Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110.
But if one carries just a wool blanket one surely would tend to carry (usually not needed) tools, just in case.

Hatchet and folding saw are more compact than a warm sleeping bag though.
But I prefere using a good sleeping bag and leaving the tools at home.

(There is of course a limit for that concept. Below the freezing point, if we have to deal with snow, a folding saw is surely a good idea.)


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Mar 25, 2017
Down underquilts are not that bulky, or at least packs down smaller. Much like a similar sized sleeping bag. The down ones are not cheap, but if you've already got everything else for hammocking, you could buy a down under quilt and have a thinner down sleeping bag or quilt for on top. I would expect to need a lot more than a 33L backpack for winter camping anyway, so not surprising if you need to get a bigger backpack for your winter trips, but this way you get to follow your normal routine pretty much as is.

Of course if you want to go for the ground option that's fine too, but not necessarily any easier or lighter. :)

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