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  1. I

    Ranger roll sleep system

    Hello all, I'm interested in the sleep system referred to in this video and am wondering if anyone else has used it? It seems to be a relatively inexpensive and compact way of building a winter sleep system and with some variations you could even add the wool blanket to the outside for use with...
  2. kard133

    US Pilots Flask and other bits and pieces.

    After missing out on the chance to buy one of these nifty little flasks last year, I was on the lookout for a cheap one, as the one available on ebay usually had a very high shipping price or you had to buy multiples. So browsing through the forums one day I came across the mention of Wardens...
  3. Ethereal-Mooncat

    Army Surplus Kit? (Info NOT Suppliers!)

    I've just spent an hour googling this to no avail... so I was wondering if anyone here is in the know about where to go for Army Surplus Kit Useage Info?! As a soon-to-be Full-Time Bushcrafter (on a budget as tight as a Gnats A***) I recently bought some Army Surplus gear : mostly clothing /...