Paul Kirtley Plant & Tree ID Masterclass

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Dec 9, 2020
North Georgia, USA
This is by way of a public service announcement...

Paul Kirtley’s Plant and Tree Identification Masterclass is only open for enrollment in January... and here it is January, so if you would be interested in this, now’s the time to check it out.

I enrolled in the 2021 cohort and have just gotten started, so of course I can’t speak to the quality of the whole thing, but I am enrolled in two others of his paid online courses, and they are excellent. And I rather think Kirtley considers this his flagship program.

These presentations give a much more detailed overview than I can.
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Apr 20, 2005
Coventry (and up trees)
I agree, it's a fabulous course. Learnt so much from it. Far more than i thought i would from an online course.
And what is lovely, is that, once you have joined, you have full access for the life of the internet, not just a year.
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Dec 20, 2013
I've enjoyed doing the Masterclass over the years and know that my personal knowledge has increased enormously even though work commitments have affected my ability to attend webinars regularly.
One point I would like to make about Paul Kirtley's wider contributions to bushcraft is that he is willing to share ideas and information at no cost through YouTube, Ask Paul Kirtley and his Blog (just Google them). Like many others at present, I am sure he's feeling the financial pinch, so if people have the money to join in his online course, I'd urge them to do so: they'll gain a lot of knowledge while supporting someone who's always been prepared to support the wider bushcraft community.
I am in no way associated with Paul or his company. I have taken a couple of his "real life" courses (as well as his online Masterclass) and found the content engaging and the instruction both well-informed and entertaining. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
If you're stuck in with the weather at present, consider watching his YouTube offerings, including the Barents River series.
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Oct 13, 2010
Farnborough, Hants
Just enrolled in this one myself, given the current situation, walking for exercise it about all I'm supposed to do, so this is an interesting way of making good use of the walks.

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