Over the counter first aid kit.

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Jun 27, 2008
My 2 pennies worth....

I have a Lifesystems kit bought mainly for the bag - everyone knows its a first aid kit (the bright red bag gives it away) so if its me that needs the treatment i won't have to wait for someone to tip out my brew / food / clothes bag trying to find the first aid kit.

Second thing was to empty all the kit out, throw away the useless stuff and fill it up with my own requirements. I've always tailored my kit to my activities, that way you don't end up lugging stuff you won't need.

One thing i wouldn't be without - surgical tape. Great for sticking skin back on (not so good when you need to take it off !)
Many years ago I was issued a FAK and it was crap, a wee zip cordura bag with as field dressing a couple of steriwipes and plaster! After being in quite a few situations while on the road or nowhere near a chemist that opens on a Sunday I made my own up.

One Exped waterpoof RED roll top bag
Compartmentalised the inside using 4 x waterproof clear plastic resealable immersion bags clearly labelled with Black permanent mark the contents.
I can add and take away stuff as I see fit. The only downside is the size, about the size of a small rugby ball, which is ok if I'm canoeing!

Things that I have shown are invaluable are:

Prescription pain killers (yeagh I am a first aider and know when not to give them!:rolleyes: )
Dentatemp tooth FAK (requires no hot water)
Fungacide for thrush (if you've ever had it you'll know why it's in the FAK)
Gaffa tape (in addition to surgical)
Tiger balm white
Antihistamine Tablets
Rehydrate powder
Antiacid tabs
Glucose Tabs
Blizzard Bag



Jun 16, 2008
South of England
FFD's are normally folded inside the paper wrapper, when you open them it exposes the inside of the dressing and the attached bandages should then concertina out.

Medic's always used to be taught to carry extra Crepe bandages to go over the top as sometimes the ones that come with the dressing itself aren't long enough.
could just be that our ones where packed wrong when made, hence the army unloading them on the local cadets, who then unloaded some onto us (the local scouts)

Don Redondo

Jan 4, 2006
NW Wales
One of the best FAK I ever bought over the counter was the walkers kit from.......LIDL!... for the money £4.50 you got a lot of stuff that was useful for a hiker [the car kit on the other hand is bigger and has lots of wadding for severe trauma!] it comes in a ziplock in it's own pouch, which is -nice touch this- big enough to take a few other bits and bobs too - I added some ibobrufen and a saline eye wash. There is a crib card, scissors, foil blanket and one or two other things you would'nt get in a normal kit.