Mini hatchets - whaddya think?

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Feb 14, 2008
Warwickshire, UK
I note with interest that the Lonewolf knife has now disappeared from Mr Noble's blog, along with the assertion that it was made by an apprentice of his.

Google has cached it though, for anyone with an interest.
Timbo1 on BCL said:
My website was thrown together for a budget of £1,000 by designers who got images from where they could to try to present a professional front.

I've asked my designers to amend my website [...] this afternoon
From this thread over on t'other side :)

Does feel like there's a bit of a difference between using stock images of generic knifemaking for a website (which loads of people do), and saying:

Here's a total one off knife made by one of my apprentices as a show piece to help him pass his exams...what a stunning knife. There is no other knife in the world like this...

The handle is made from Sambar Stag antler and has been hand engraved with the face of a wolf (it's called Scrimshaw). The knife is just under 12 inches long...better made a sheath for it soon...
That seems like a fairly unambiguous statement? Is Mr Lonewolf an apprentice of Big Mark's? That seems fairly straightfoward to confirm!


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Feb 3, 2008
This witch hunt has gone on over three forums that Uknow of and has cost all three sites some members ,all of whom have left in disgust at the way both mods and members are allowed to persecute another member.If there is some sorrt of problem with this member,can a senior mod step in,close the thread and sort it out via PM rather than trial by forum.
How many more sites are going to lose members over this?


Feb 14, 2008
Warwickshire, UK
So he's got the knives up for sale he does not even have?
I have no dog in this fight - whether those particular knives were actually advertised as made by Big Mark or just used as examples of a damascus blade is someting Big Mark will need to confirm.

But I do know that loads of websites use stock images, especially when they are getting started. It's a bit cheeky but very common.

Anyway, Big Mark said he'll PM a mod and get it straightend out, so no doubt all will be clear soon :)


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Jun 15, 2008
I hate to join the witch hunt, but I feel I should put my two cents in. I asked on a group buy thread about firesteels after Big Mark said he bought 50. He offered to sell me three and sent me a price. The price was cheap, he sent them immediately and was great to deal with. The problem was, when people started to question his integrity, he claimed on British Blades I BEGGED him for the firesteels. I've never begged for anything in my life! I even sent more than he asked for because they were so cheap and I felt bad.That thread was shut down so I couldn't reply.

When Big Mark mentioned making cheap blades and sheaths I thought it was a great idea. What surprised me was when he asked me if he should put his maker's mark on the blades. I said of course he should stamp his work. Hmm...

I also defended him when he was starting to be questioned on the £12 blades. I still believe he's doing people a service by supplying cheap blades for people to have a bash at. The problem is, the more I see the more I question how he can be so prolific with his forging, leatherwork, jewellery work as well as hold down a job in the smoke.

He's pleasant to deal with, and provides people with an affordable item. I thank him for that. However, I don't agree with people taking credit for other people's work, and if that's the case it is a breach of the maker's market and is unfair on the people trying to sell their work they put a lot of effort into. I truly hope this isn't the case. It wouldn't be hard to take a photograph of some work in progress to clear his name. I take pictures of everything I do at every stage for the person I make items for.

As I stated at the start, these are just my feelings and opinions on the never ending mystery!

Cheers, Chad
Jan 18, 2005
Its one thing to use stock images but another to have an image with a price, a description of what you made it with and dimensions etc and a paypal button....

Big Mark

Oct 9, 2007
Hi Tim, I'm sure I recognise this guy (top Picture here).

Can you tell me his name? :)
I see here we go again eh!? Have you guys from BB nothing better to do?

No I don't know his name. It is an image the designers who created my website on a budget used to create a feeling of craftmanship - although I think you probably know that already...I've asked my designers to remove it and to replace with some of my recent knives to avoid anyone getting confused or feeling they have to hang me from a tree!

To avoid endlessly arguing via forum I am going to just answer this post and cover a coulpe of points...if you want to provide a detailed critique of my website please PM me and I'll try to answer questions - altough I don't want to waste all of this weekend having a brawl on this forum. What is important is did my hatchets arrive? Are they good? Do they work? Are they good value?

The thread is about my hatchets - not what my website is like....or my blogg - which I've also cut back to it's original purpose talking about woods...note the title. I am happy to answer any questions from the Mods too...but I don't think it is really appropriate or helpful to be beaten up online every weekend.

Let my hatchets do the talking and let's see what the buyers have to say about them.

(AKA Tim)


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Apr 16, 2003
K, enough on this, i thought it was all dying down but obviously not, i'm closing this thread and anyone that wants to communicate with BigMark/Tim Noble can do so by PM until items that have been paid for are accounted for. He will not be selling any more items on bushcraft uk other than those already committed to. This forum is for hobby makers not those running a business, when the trade area is sorted that will be the place for businesses.

I'm also not happy that things are above board so this is an easy call.
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