Leatherman Belt Pouch & Bushcraft Show Prep.....

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Apr 15, 2010
Hiya....never being a user or fan of belt pouches (i wear combats, use pockets) they are an element of leathercraft that I've not had much practice making....but of course I get asked for them all the time and do now intend to get some templates done in the future.....most often I get asked for Leatherman pouches in particular....so with a bit of info from me mate Craig, who's a big Leatherman fan I've just made the first one.....classic case of what appears to be a simple job is in fact a real pain in the rump....man, I hate pouches.....anyway....hope you like, managed to squeeze it into my mad schedule getting ready for the Bushcraft Show....getting large batches of items done such as axe loops.....now finishing off 21 axe sheaths too....about 20 more half done....all good!