grubby question

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thanks for telling me about this tree as i'd never heard of it, funny thing i just stumbled across a YouTube clip which also mentions it.... need to find out more about it to ID and avoid it! i learned something new so my thread wasn't for nothing:)

"edibility test" (slight variations possible): place sample of possible food plant against skin (of upper arm inside) -- if no rash occurs put small sample inside mouth under lip/tongue -- if no burning sensation/funny taste try small sample and wait 8hours, if no reaction try larger sample and wait another 8hours -- if still no reaction ---> plant == edible
no idea where that idea originated but it's not worth the risk (as manchineel/ manzanilla del muerte (=little death apple) clearly shows), bracken fern fiddle heads and other plants can lead to negative effects long-term which this test won't tell you... It should also be pointed out that animals incl. monkeys can digest plants hominids can not...
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kinda forgot about this thread (as i don't always have internet)...

a few months ago i cleared some fallen peach palm trunks on a friend's property which a storm knocked down... . the palmito (palm heart) got harvested when the palms were fresh (the spikes on the trunks are nasty but the reward was yummy), some palm beetles moved in afterwards and their larvae made for a tasty snack roasted in the ashes (- the head) --- not as yummy as the ones i had in Japan but very oily.

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