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  • brilliant news on the job front well done and also cant wait to see you and u sis at the moot cos well it wouldnt be the same with out u and well its only twenty eight sleeps away not as though i am counting or anything
    Glad to hear you had a good time and I look forward to seeing some of the photographs, ATB
    had a good birthday thanks, Devon is really good thanks, been really busy, this is the first time Ive been on BCUK in months, how's everything going for you? I saw that u had a new job.
    The current climate is effecting everyone. Both Neil and I have work coming in, but it's what it pays is the main thing. Things are due to pick up a bit in the future.
    Did Neil ever get back to you about how long he's been running greencraft??

    If not then the site went live over three years ago.
    Great news hope you choose the right one. All the very best of luck with it. As for the waggon thing my kids are all grown up and doing there own thing and Lesley my wife has got realy nervous about going out in the traffic?? bit of a long way to bushmoot. Unfortunatly I too have to work.
    I bet body warmers would look good. weather quite good up these parts. Are you planning any thing good for the bank holidays?
    I would love to get a waggon out but beleave it or not no one wants to go with me any more. :(
    Hi you was right Ive just come in out of the rain what do you do with your sheep skins when there done?
    Yeah thanks :) I had a go at Gimp today...successfully planted a sleeping swan in with the lambs, looking like she belongs there :) Its quite intuitive! Not so with blender...i had a play but am gonna have to actually read some instructions! Doh :)
    Hi thanks for your warm welcome only thing is its the wrong type of weather right now to be on the net. I will spend more time on here when its cold and wet.
    All the best Les
    Yeah, great eh? I think he's the only Les i know anyway so could only be him! :)
    enjoy i set my lat and log from a google maps plugin so it's centered on my back garden. I've also been showing jack the art work of the constellations and he's loving it : )
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