Greetings from across the pond northern California!

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Jan 29, 2021
Long time lurker as a guest but finally took the initiative to start a profile.

What got me into bushcraft? Came down from Canada to work in the US +10years ago. 7 years ago, ploughed into a whiteout snowstorm in the middle of no where and got stuck in a pile of snow for 18 hours. No mobile service, no one for miles. Dug myself out till I lost couple of finger nails in my left hand and that turned me from a city slicker to wanting to be a survivalist quick! I was dumb and unprepared but lucky.

The current pandemic is also giving me more opportunity to explore the off the grid outdoors. Public campsites are closed here so no more camping with the pampering amenities. Cant go home to Alberta currently just yet but California has its own hidden jewels. Currently trying to learn how to catch fish with a snare. Brown trout here are skittish.

I am still an absolute newbie at this.
Tons to learn from this forum so thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen here!

Prayers and blessing to all affected by the pandemic!
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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Good to have you Jos, what an amazing place you live in, I'm looking forward to hearten about your adventures over there and I hope you get what you need from Bushcraft UK.

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