diy capsules

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Feb 27, 2005
Saudi Arabia
If you're using them for fishing kits, Sewing machine thread bobbins can be used to spool the line onto, they'll fit inside (depending on the bottle/bobbin, the bobbin may need rubbing down a little)


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Oct 4, 2008
Has anyone successfully used them for meths? Because .....

.......just had a go - easy to make but I wanted to put meths in it and it immediately leaked. I ensured the bottom cap was on tight and repeated the attempt. So far as I can tell it is the join.

I sanded both flanges and used superglue - and I made sure there was a continuous bead all the way round the flange before gluing together (or perhaps should say, 'thought I did'). Would a different type of adhesive be better to help give a 'meths'-tight joint?

So - as I say - anyone successfully used them for meths?
Not quite the same thing I know, but I've used one for toothpaste for quite a while with no ill effects.

I'd imagine meths etc would find even the very smallest hole and seep through and I personally wouldn't try to use a capsule for my fuel.


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Feb 22, 2006
These are great, you could even put a divider in the middle and have a double ended one. Nice find!

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