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Whittler Kev
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  • Hi Kev,
    Guess what, Ive found a piece of fishing net for you. Will bring it along for cambridge for 8/9 if you wold be kind enough to add my name to the list (not sure how to do it !).
    Regards, Crowe
    Okey Dokey. I'll get a striker made, get some flint and charcloth sorted. May even chuck something else in. I'll PM you when its made, give you my real email address and get your home address and real name to send them to;)
    Still cant reply to pm's mate sorry but i can read them.

    The K J Erikkson 2000 knife and the british army golok is whay you wan't?

    Well man as i've said the Kj was 25 pound new and has been used once and the golok costing 20 pound all though pretty blunt, that would make up to 30 pound in steel in my thinking, a piece of steel made into a c shape doesnt seem to me to be a 25-30 pound investment.

    If you could supply the striker, some flint and some charcloth to me that would seem a more fair deal.

    Don't mean to be stingy but i have very little money and i just want a fair deal as this is something i'd love to learn.

    Forgive me if i'm wrong mate.
    Have to reply here brother, PS3's being a bitch and won't let me reply to pm's.

    That number one looks good if you have any flint that would be awesome, there doesn't seem to be any around my way.

    What do you wan't for it?
    a Carvin' Jack. Awseome bit of kit I use evertime I go out in the woods (and on Holiday much to the chargim of SWMBO when we're at Butlins ;)):lmao::lmao:
    Hello Kev

    Nice to meet you at the weekend, what was that little pockey knife we played with called? Its top of my desired for christmas list.

    Hi Kev

    I have just seen your post, I live in Suffolk and from what I can see some of you folks are in the next county?
    Do you meet-up often and if so is there space for one more?
    As I am just getting in to bushcraft and would welcome some advice from people in the know.

    Regards Rum
    Thanks people :35: . Please remember to put a bit on the forum if possible to let the others know how they perform. ;)
    More available now. All pre-tested for sparks :thankyou:
    i gave my buddy that striker today. i put it in a pouch with some amadou, carmp ball and char cloth with a fat piece of flint. he was well chuffed.
    so thought i'd let you know thanks again.
    AHA! got it now, it takes a slightly harder strike to trow sparks from the filled iron but they are a proper shower, i'm trying to get a pic as it's pretty impressive.
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