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Sep 22, 2005
Ynysddu south wales
Please - keep it as it is!
I love it here, the best site on the web, where standards are kept high by excellent (well most of the time:)) Modes.
Keep up the good work!

John you took the words out of my mouth

I have to say the site has given me far more than I have put into it, the moderators IMHO don't get enough praise for the excellent work they do, I believe the rules and high standards on bcuk make it a world class site.
If as some believe, the moderation on here is unecessary, they only have to go onto other sites and follow the threads that have been hijacked and dragged into the gutter and you'll see why bcuk standards are so high.



Aug 9, 2004
Rotterdam (NL)
I think it's a fantastic site.
I've learnt so much and, due to member's inspiring posts, had many ideas for projects.
The only criticism I have (and it's one I can live with) is that it, at times, seems a bit too zealously moderated - some of the moderation is either heavy-handed or patronising. Sometimes.
But it doesn't cause me turmoil and doesn't stop me reading a site that I was really chuffed to find.
Us Mods are human aswell! So, yes - your observation could well be true, but we do our outmost best to maintain a straight a course as possible / we can; On the other hand, sometimes members react in the same way. It's normal, especially caused by the fact you can't see what someone at the other end does emotion like.
Communication is done by written word - which can be interpreted in many ways. In daily life we use facial expressions, something fora usually lack.

We only have smilies :approve: :D


A big THANK YOU to you members for all your input!


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May 15, 2008
I have learned so much form this one site.

If I have a criticism it is that sometimes the new posts some so thick and fast the latest post part of the home page means blink and you missed an updated thread. I do subscribe to some threads but would it be possible to extend the new treads portion?

Meanwhile THANKS for a great site


Aug 30, 2007
Ludlow, Shropshire
I like the rules and the feeling of the site, it's a good place to come to and you know you won't get flamed for a silly comments or questions. I adore the fact there are no cliques here either.


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Sep 19, 2008
Scotland, looking at mountains
A fantastic resource for bushcraft. This ought to be my favourite site on the net BUT I have to admit that time and again I see aggressive behaviour by either moderators or old-timers towards newer well-meaning members, so I often come on here and end up getting wound up, in sharp contrast to really friendly forums like Song of the Paddle or Spiritburner. The site itself is fantastic, and all credit to Tony's efforts. It's just that the "culture" needs to change.


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Nov 24, 2004
I think this is a fine place to be. I've met some fantastic folks over the time I have been a subscriber. Long may this last! I have been touched by the kindness, integrity and skills available. :You_Rock_
Aggressive behavior, in any way or form, is a difficult thing to moderate effectively at the best of times and I think this is only done well by hard work and diligence! This site could have gone the way of others by way of insults and arrogance. The Mods, and three cheers to ALL of them, need all our support otherwise we, as users, will be the losers.

Cheers Tony and the team!



Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Hmmmm, well there's a complaint.
I don't see it though, :dunno:
Examples of this would help please, Nonsuch.

Tony's brief to his Mods is
"Ask them nicely"
"If it doesn't stop, be firm"
"If it continues, ban them"
and we have assorted infractions and cards that can be administered as required to back up our intent.

The self moderation took all of us a bit to get the hang of, but we value the input and appreciate that the membership themselves are involved in keeping things on track.

The only real exceptions to this advice are the out and out spammers who get as quick a lifetime ban as we can hit the buttons :cussing: Some of the 'adult' stuff numpties try to post is absolutely gross, and I'm no prude. Usually it's just cheap 'medicinal' enhancements or Taiwanese trainers though :rolleyes:

The site values tolerant courtesy and family / schools friendly postings.
If you have a complaint we will listen and where we can, explain. If someone rants at us they'll get short shrift though.

Personally, I like the site, I like the ethos, the information that is so freely offered, the friendships I've made :D and truth be told, for such a disparate community of over 10,000 people there are very few disagreements.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Oct 9, 2005
so far this site has led to me getting profitable information (cheers mary :)), meeting strangers from the internet in an extremely convivial setting, lighting and feeding a fire on the crannog :cool: learning loads of stuff and having a laugh. this is easily the most productive web site I have ever subscribed too.

I also think that the mods generally do well to let us rant (i am, believe it or not, a guilty party) without debates getting especially venomous.

slainte - to those who keep it running.


Dec 26, 2008
I've been on the Net for years yet only found this site a couple of months back, I've never seen any aggression, only excellent advice, I'm not a lover of Mods but on here they are human.


Great Site
Although i dont post that much im always not far away
Ive learnt alot and got a lot out if this site long may it continue

many thanks Tony and the Team

(still miss the rep button)

monkey boy

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Jan 13, 2009
im new to the bushcrafting world, i was so happy when i came across this site as it has helped me in so many ways, now i can get started with all the learning that i need to do. `if i get stuck on anything i know where to go.
thanx everyone for such a great website


This is a blast from the past but worth seeing. :D

Well I have to say I'm a fan, I probably talk too much on here but people seem to let me get away with it. ;)

I think the Moding is about right and usually even handed.

At the end of the day most stuff is handled by the membership itself in a peaceable manner, but if someone really sets out to push against the boundaries then they have to expect to get a rap on the knuckles.

It's not so hard to understand is it?


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Nov 28, 2011
Forest of Bowland
Hi Everyone,

I just thought would start this thread to get some feedback on the site.
Any comments, good and bad would be appreciated, we need to know what you think so we can provide the best service.

There is still a lot to come, I just want to make sure it's what you want.


Tony :D
Trying to avoid looking to combative, I'm liking the look of the 5.11 rush.

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Aug 4, 2013
My thoughts:

- When I do a quick reply, it posts, but it says I can't post two posts so quickly, I have to wait 30 seconds. Not sure why, I only click once, I only want to post that post once.

- When organising group buys the 150 private message limit is a pain, would be nice if that was increased for everyone. There is also no obvious alert you have hit your limit till you either try to send, or someone tells you they couldn't send you something...

Those are my main thoughts.



Apr 6, 2014
Ohio, USA
:You_Rock_I am new to this site and live in the USA to boot. However Iam constantly amazed by the knowledge so freely shared.
The Mods and Admins have an almost impossible job, having to track so many posts,my hat is off to them for their dilligance and sacrifice to keep this site up to such high standards.
I am aslo a member of BCUSA although very similat it is geared to mostly US bushcraft.
You guys and gals across the pond do things a bit different and I love to figgure out the differences. I still have some problems figguring the language shift,but I am improving.
You seem to have a handle on things and keepimproving, so all I can really add is keep it up, and thank you for ammowing me to be a member.
One suggestion might be for someone tostart a thread of some of the acromims that translate a bit differently to US speak ( unless that has already bin done and my computer illeratcy hasn't found it yet).