Bushmoot 2016 - Who's going this year?

  • UPDATE - The main upgrade is now finished. The site should now be functioning as normal, I will be making tweaks over the weekend, particularly to look of the site. If you notice something is broken or have any comments please let me know. Many thanks Matt (Lithril)


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Feb 8, 2010
Me! And the Mrs and the boy! Also bringing a Steve and a Gary again (I think he's becoming a permanent edition at the naughty corner until the sun comes up)

I have other people in the wings that might come but they're not definite yet :)

Ogri the trog

Apr 29, 2005
Mid Wales UK
I called into the site over the weekend to see how things were looking..

The site was in use by another group, but managed to get some good news...


The Pizza oven is still standing!

The rest of the site is looking like we just left it.

See you there

Ogri the trog

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
I will be there for the whole gig - perhaps not too mobile as my knee is packing up and I am looking at surgery on it ... but I will hobble around some!

Dave Budd

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Jan 8, 2006
Dartmoor (Devon)
i'll be there for few days either side of core, as normal. The forge will be there and I might even use it to make something while I'm there :)

My old man will be coming along with a pole the for folks to try out (Tony, I assume this is still the plan?). He'll be coming up a bit earlier than me so more folks can play with it and learn to make stuff. Also, as he will be taking his tiny trailer with him (full of green wood to turn), I can dump some of my stuff in there and he can drag it the couple of hundred miles instead!


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Jun 26, 2013
North Dorset
I was only number 33. :-(

All 5 of us, Retrotent and the classic Orange Monster will be there for the first week. 2 of us doing the Wilderness First Responder course and one on the Camp Fire Cookery.

Hoping to see old friends and make new.

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Me! ANNNNNND my girlfriend... shes coming willingly too. How 'bout that?! :yikes:

Just booked the two tickets and getting all my stuff together. Kipping in the T4 again this year and we're both busy making all those mods I'd previously only dreamed about if I ever got a van. Gt the ferry booked last month to the UK and already arranging to meet up with Mesquite en route.

Soooo excitied about it again this year, just buzzing with excitement.

It's been a good year for finding axes and cast ironware too, so I shall be bringing a lot of stuff along for the bring and buy table. Maybe even as many as 20 axes, some stunning blades in there too. Some really sexy axes head shapes. More of that in a posting, with photos, another day.

Sorry to read your knee's not so good this year Mr Fenna, hope it doesn't crimp your Moot too much.

Right, bed doth beckon.



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Nov 1, 2011
My 2 boys and I are coming. I may be sporting some extra wheels if I can work out how I'd charge them up while I'm there.

Looking forward to it, not long now!

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
ha ha, yeah, number 1 is good going, usually Fenna's straight round and knocking on my door with cash in hand :D
And I never get a number!
My face is my passport ... and you can tell that it has opened many doors for me ......
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