Buffalo - Special 6 Shirt

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Oct 4, 2003
Sittingbourne, Kent
I have one< great bit of kit, if your standing on the side of a cold, wet , Scottish mountain, they work superbly. Not really suitable for bushcrafting, one spark off the fire and you'll light up.


Sep 24, 2003
I have had one for years, they are the dogs bits.
Taking into consideration that when you would need it most, the weather would be crap, why not wear something nonflamable over the top when you are near the fire.
I couldnt be without mine and it would be a shame that you miss out in a cracking bit of kit, oh sod it buy it anyway. :shock:


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Apr 16, 2003
I think that chopper has it right. A Swanndri Ranger shirt over the top when you stop for the fire d work well. You're usually less active so the extra layer won't hurt and if it gets too warm take off the buffalo and keep on the ranger shirt.


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Nov 10, 2003
i've been using one for a little while now, took me years to get round to buying one because i didn't really believe the sales hype, the whole idea of wearing just one layer instead of three or four seemed all wrong to me, but it really does work. i've worn this outside a lot over this winter, and we've had some pretty wet and windy weather in south wales, and it's kept me as warm and dry as i want to be without fail. the only thing i don't know about yet is properly cold weather, oh well, we might have some snow in britain again one day, we live in hope.

try here www.upandunder.co.uk/ they were selling them cheap not long ago.



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Nov 29, 2003
Up and under are a very good company to order from. They're so prompt that I've sent an e-mail to them literally straight after ordering to change some details and they had already sent it by the time they had opened the e-mail (and I got a reply telling me this only 10 mins later!)

Usually competitive prices too.


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Dec 2, 2003
i thorughly reccomend them for anyone that spends time outdoors!

i have used a copy buffalo jacket made by "Mardale" and i also found a hood £15 made by "Trax" both are pretty much identical and have the same qualities found in buffallo kit!

when i ordered my mardale jacket i asked they make the arms 2" longer as i use mine for mountainbiking which causes any jacket to ride up the arms!

if you are considering to buy one, don't just do it you will not regret it! :biggthump

more recently i bought the buffalo sleeping system 2nd hand from army service for £60! (inner and outer sleeping bag) :nana:

as with any pile equipment weight and bulk can be an issue but only if you make it one! :roll:


Jan 26, 2004
I own a extreme field shirt in olive made to measure fro £80. took a while to arrive though.
much better quality than a buffalo more feature like full under arm zips that travel all the way to the waist of the shirt. lined with a high quality pile and dries very fast after weting out.....just mint....in olive tactel ...as they say on the web site ...bomb proof

www.extremeoutdoorclothing.com try them...loots of good kit made to measure...


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Oct 30, 2003
i've had a special 6 since 1996, it doesn't get used a lot because i run quite hot, but i got it on special, factory second, £45 from Frock and Fun :wink: have you tried the factory to see if you can buy them there?


Sep 1, 2003
Just to throw my tuppence on the pile, Carlo, it's a fantastic shirt. Even when too hot and sweating (which usually happens when crossing through woodland from a cold and exposed hill top) it's easy to adjust the vents and roll the sleeves up. Aside from the inherent drawbacks of synthetics, and of course the minor point that you look a total bottom in the pub wearing one of these, it's the sort of shirt you find yourself reaching for first and wearing forever. I hardly ever wear an actual waterproof anymore.

If you need to add the extras, I should mention that Buffalo mitts tend to be a size smaller than you think they are and the expedition hood is far superior to the regular model. I wore my Buff with the expedition hood in Lapland, and it was superb, but it really is warm... maybe one of the lighter Buffalo jackets would be better for general use.


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I'm currently on my second Buffalo shirt, having not been without one for almost fifteen years, they're fantstic and versatile bits of kit. (Obviously the pertex doesn't stand up to sparks etc.) I have however recently seen an Arktis version of the buffalo shirt and was extremely impressed at the design spec and the quality. The buffalo idea is 1st class and has been developed well by many other firms. I'm still using a Mardale belay jacket which has given me great service since 1994, so that can't be bad.


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Apr 17, 2003
from Essex
I have to say I had one when I was in the army but I always found it to be too hot - and in being to hot impractical.

Add this to its meltability and its synthetic status I have to give them the thumbs down for Bushcraft.

However if I'm going up in the Mountains I might opt for a belay jacket as my warm layer.


I have owned a 'Pile Shirt' by Snugpak for some time now-its pretty similar to a buffalo. I think its a great bit o kit-comfortable, windproof, and very very warm. Sometimes too much so.
They really dont go well with fire though.. the previous owner(Royal Marine) left two small burn holes, probably from a flicked ciggy, on the front of the map pocket, so its cosmetic only.
I'd deffinately recommend it or any other simillar garment- makes a nice pillow too :roll:

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Sep 18, 2003
North Wales Llandudno
There is a lot to be said for a T Shirt and a Norge shirt over the top! A nice waterproof layer finishes the package. Thats what I most often use. I tried a Buffalo special six shirt and found it was a very tight fit and quite uncomfortable to wear.


Sep 11, 2003
cheltenham, glos
it is great kit, but i can't help but think that a pertex windshirt with your choice of wicking tshirt/sweatshirt is a much better option. it's pretty much what i've been using on the hills for the last few years.

there is a significant difference in the needs of a fast moving hillwalker and a bottom dwelling bushcrafter. if you're moving fast, even in relatively crap weather, the most breatheable waterproofs just don't work.

the buffaloe stuff is pretty robust though, like all fleece based kit, don't expect it to compress down much.

cheers, and.