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  • Sir
    Pete told me that you would be going to the Aberyswith freshers bushcraft course, as i'm probably going to be going past cheltenham, would you like to share a lift?

    Oh right haha...

    Yeah the pendleton is amazing. havnt had time to get out there yet and give it a good testing but wow is it pretty..

    what primary blade do you use?

    Hi Andy can u please delete the thread called camp kitchen box that asks a mod to cos I posted it twice and its the second one I want to keep
    Hi, Sargey,

    I've read the group buy rules and think it should be fine to post on there. I tried pm'ng tony but his message box is full. what do you think. should I wait to contct him.


    looking at one near skipton but also looking at some in the lakes as well, trying to put bushcraft/survival and cafes together in one business!
    Sargey - MOD question. I am in the process of buying a cafe in Yorkshire (not a lot to do with bushcraft I know!), at some stage I will need to employ a chef for a period of time and was wondering if such a post in the other chatter threads would be appropriate to ask if anyone was interested in this work? Not sure of the policy about this type of question. Grateful for your advice.
    How's the snow in merrie Cheltenhamshire? We finally got a little of the white stuff yesterday, more currently falling, and I've got a day off today to go tobogganing! Woo hoo! Al Jazeera have a good article on the snow - it actually mentions the snow across Europe instead of focussing just on the UK. Have fun! S
    Is that an East End accent you're picking up from your scouts?

    'S'pect you're back at work tomorrow - have a good one. Did you see the video of the penguin and polar bear that did the email rounds a while ago?

    I'm not back until Tuesday due to my part-timery :D
    You realise you wrote that on your own wall, so it's just lucky I looked?! :) You guys should definitely come down and visit me at some point. I could be here a while longer yet - OU are supposed to have published the results, but instead my project says "Pending" and it could be another 6 weeks. Don't call them, cos they're busy. :rolleyes:

    There is surf to be had most days around here due to having coast to the North, South and West, so the only restriction on kayaking is the need to earn a livin' 'n buy socks.

    Did you see this? Scary...Mad Dave posted it on Facebook - he's off dog sledging in Canada for a month atm - lucky sod.
    i'm guessing i wasn't actually online then.

    only slightly jelous about the way you seem to get out and have more kayaking fun more often than me!
    Hello - are you really online, or just left your computer on? I am escaping the partying for a little bit of quiet :) There is hubbub in all the other rooms of the house with nieces, nephews, family friends and next-door neighbours all standing around chatting, eating nibbles or splashing bathwater everywhere (by the sounds of it). Did you have a good Crimble and New year?
    Woo hoo! I fell in loads of times and only swam the first time because I rolled up again all the other times :D And managed to surf more waves than knocked me in. It's b****y cold out there. Feet just regaining feeling now...ow!
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