Basic Kit - What do I need?

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Jan 12, 2011
You don't need an axe. Laplander saw and a mora will do everything you need.
Plus at least..
Tarp, guylines ridge line and pegs, bivi bag/hammock, foam mat, sleeping bag, bic disposable lighters, first aid kit, 2 mess tins and a stainless steel cup, cuttlery, water carrier, rucksack, cotton wool and vaseline fire lighters. Warm clothes. Wash kit. Torch; spare batteries


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Oct 19, 2006

As a complete newbie to bushcraft, I would rather start with what I DO need and slowly build up my kit as I go.

I have ... in my head at the moment
Add 'patience' to your list. The bits and bobs are all useful but taking the time getting to know how to use them effectively takes time and effort for which the above is vital.

Oh - and welcome to the forum!


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Feb 20, 2007
My first kit was a penknife with knife fork and spoon "blades", sleeping bag made from an eiderdown, US army poncho, half-crown meths stove from Woolworths, box of matches and bottle of meths, metal ex Fray Bentos pie dish, tea kettle and a cotton single skin pup tent. Later Christmases brought a trangia meths stove and an ali cooking kit. All carried in a frameless rucksack which made me sweat but was very light.

Do without a wood fire and you reduce your kit problems along with finding somewhere to overnight. If you must use a wood fire then make a hobo stove from a can of something.

If I was starting again I would do what I do now and get something like a Trekmates bivvy bag and a cheap sleeping bag, uprating with a fleece liner if necessary along with a light camo poncho and a closed cell foam sleeping mat. Is there a beach shelter lurking around at home that could be adopted?

For occasional use a camping gaz stove is as good as anything but meths and hobo stoves are available virtually free for a bit of work. Modern fleece clothing is so cheap and available that I don't see why you need anything labelled "Bushcraft" unless the bug bites and kit becomes almost an end in itself. Likewise knives, a stainless penknife is all you need initially along maybe with a cheap combination knife fork and spoon set or old stuff from the cutlery drawer at home (with
permission!) would work as well in the field as at home. Look at cheapo picnic plates and mugs in Poundland or your local Supermarket.

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Jan 13, 2009
Welcome to the forum, if anything you should spend your money on is a good sleeping bag.

Think about what stuff can be made...
.Billy can (the tea,coffee and sugar tins are the best to make them with)
.hobo/alcohol/solid fuel stoves ( there's so many different types to make get on YouTube)
.carve yourself a little spoon
.find an old leather jacket or buy one from the charity shop for a few £ and make little pouches to store kit in.

You get idea...
Go to the 99p store, wilkos and car boots for bargain.
Oct 26, 2012
Homebase do a fibreglass 1 and a half lb axe/hatchet for 6 quid at the moment. If it lasts only a few trips out its money well spent. I bought one and a mora clipper knife to start with but invested in a decent sharpening stone.