wild camping

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  1. K

    Finding Wild camping Spots

    Hi all. As my username suggests I’m in Kent. I was wondering how people go about finding local spots to wild camp or even getting permission to go onto farmland woods? Any helpful advice and info is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. L

    Responsible Wild Camping (Herts)

    Hello, I'm preparing to undertake some wild camping/camping, either solo or with my partner and son. I've tried finding landowners with decent sized plots, preferably away from main roads/heavily used footpaths, to no avail though, unfortunately. We're not particularly keen on the idea of using...
  3. M

    Planning Tips For Wild Camping Scotland? (Post-lockdown of course)

    Hi All I am new to this forum and to camping in Britain. I have enjoyed camping and the outdoors throughout most of my life back in South Africa (been living in the UK for 2.5 years), but haven't found the chance, until now, to go for a proper camp. I was initially put off by the 'traditional...
  4. LewesBushcraft

    Loch Macaterick - Galloway Forest Park - Wild Camp

    Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on camping at Loch Macaterick, as it looks like a lovely spot, as far as google satellite view is concerned. Does anyone have any experience of camping at this loch? If so i'd appreciate any advice you might have for me in terms of reaching it. Thanks!
  5. B

    Letchworth wild camping + campfire?

    Does anybody know anywhere within an hour away from letchworth that allows wild camping an camp fires? This would be much appreciated ,thanks.
  6. L

    Wild Camping in France

    Hello from a newcomer, pointed this way by Womble! I'm planning a bike trip from Paris to Barcelona, taking minimal kit. So far a Kelly Kettle, sleeping mat+bag and a Hennessy hammock are on the kit list. I'm happy to stay in campsites but aware that the distance I'll be doing, in the time I've...
  7. I

    canoeing and camping

    hi guys I've not been on here for a long time but i need your help. i am trying to find somewhere i can Canoe and then camp for a few days, what i'd really like is a lake or loch with islands i can camp on, could anyone recommend anywhere in the uk?
  8. riverwye

    Any Herefordshire & Surrounds Bushcraft / Wild Campers Out There?

    Hello everyone, I hope that you are well. I am attempting to set up a contact and social resource for bushcrafters and wild campers from Herefordshire and surrounding counties with the intention of putting people in contact with others to share experiences, meet and maybe arrange social get...
  9. Iain Lawrence

    My youtube channel

    Here is one of my recent trips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjF63dWYLUk
  10. D

    Advice on south east Scotland

    Hi all, myself and a couple of friends are planning on a spot of wild camping in march somewhere in south west Scotland. I was hoping someone would have some recomendations for us, either a nice secluded beach or forest, somewhere we can just get away from the dreaded rat race for a couple of...
  11. Braidsta

    My Video Journal Thread

    I've been keeping a journal of my outdoor activities in video journal format. I've had a lot of lovely feedback despite it being no more than a personal diary, and I really enjoy sharing a bit of knowledge through it. As the entries grow in number, I thought it best to keep them in a thread...
  12. S

    Wild camping allowed in snowdonia?

    I've heard that in snowdonia national park is open to people wild camping but wish to know if anyone has experienced this first hand since I'm not too sure. I'd also like to know if things like small camp fires are permitted and fishing perhaps(and if so can we eat the fish or must we throw...
  13. S

    looking for a place to do weeknders with my best mate

    I live up near Birmingham,one mate lives down by weymouth,best mate lives in Bristol and another lives in swindon. Lookng for somewhere in that general area or even over in wales that we can do weekenders wild camping in woodland,maybe a spot of hunting/fishing if the land owner will let...
  14. S

    Anyone know anywhere one can legally wild camp in south western England?

    I've been trying to find a place for me and my best mates to go for buchcraft weekenders but have yet to find much luck,preferably somewhere between weymouth and Birmingham since that encompasses the general area we all live,looking for a few acres of woodland that we can make a campfire and...
  15. _Vaughan

    Wild Camping given the go ahead in the Lake District

    Howdy! I had a brief search but couldn't spot that this had gone up. I am an avid wild camper, living in London and utilising what space I have here is key. Anyway, I was browsing through areas for an epic summer wild camp (actually looking at wild camping the coast to coast, but more on...
  16. TheBrook

    Bushcraft Permanent Camp

    Hi Everyone, In a new piece of land that we have permission to make a permanent camp on for use with Bushcraft activities, myself and Outdoor Life Of Brian begin the task of clearing the area and making it more 'liveable' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq6lfU-VG2E Would love any name...
  17. JC1984

    Wild camping tent advice...for me and the missus

    Hi all, So...the better half and I are off to do a bit of wild camping in a few weeks time so I'm on the hunt for a new tent. I am looking for something fairly decent 3 berth so we aren't too cramped Light and small enough to carry around all day walking. Budgeting around the £100...
  18. Druss

    Wild camping in Yorkshire or there abouts.

    Hi all can anybody recommend and good wild camping spots in Yorkshire or surrounding areas? Looking for woodland ideally that is away enough to get away with a fire and somewhere were not likely to bump into loads of other people. Planning a 2 dayer with a pal with the focus been on tree and...
  19. Druss

    Mosedale Cottage Bothy

    I was just wondering if any of you have been to the Mosedale Cottage Both in Cumbria. Me and a pal are planning a 2 night camping trip thursday and friday and would like to camp near the Bothy on the first night, then find a good location to walk to on the second day for a bit of wild camping...
  20. leedsbrew

    2 night wild camping/walking trip Scotland (Galloway Forest possibly)

    Hi I'm new to the forum and loving trawling through the posts. Loads of great info/advice. Myself and my two brothers (liams105e + one not on the forum) are planning a weekend wild camping/walking trip north of the border in August. We are all pretty experienced campers, walkers and...