Wild camping allowed in snowdonia?

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Shadow hawk

May 13, 2015
West midlands UK
I've heard that in snowdonia national park is open to people wild camping but wish to know if anyone has experienced this first hand since I'm not too sure.

I'd also like to know if things like small camp fires are permitted and fishing perhaps(and if so can we eat the fish or must we throw them back?)

Presumably air-rifles are not permitted out there even for some target shooting at paper targets but if they are allowed out there with either for plinking at targets or acctual hunting for game then I'd like to know.
Apr 25, 2012
I'm certain none of what your asking is allowed generally on snowdonia. Private land and permission is a different story. It's not easy to get permission bro and there's only dartmoor in this country where it's out right allowed. I'd advice to go to some of the meets like I did when I started out :)


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Feb 9, 2015
West Mid's
Actually I think its fair to say that in Snowdonia wild camping is not particularly scorned upon. I seem to remember a recent T.V episode about the actual mountain where the park ranger actually mentioned sleeping out on Snowdon which to me I thought would be one of THE places to avoid. I'm a regular wild camper around the arenigs/Arans all thru the year and never have any problems at all. But I am very discreet and certainly don't do fires. I live within the farm community around Bala (tho work in I.T) and also have a few acres and can say without doubt that if anybody turned up with a weapon I can assure you it would not be well received. Its the old adage, be polite/discreet and pitch late-leave early and leave no trace, follow that rule and I would be very surprised if you have a problem (unless you pitch in somebodies front garden!).


Nov 7, 2013
If I had land I'd happily let people safely shoot, but if someone turned up and started shooting with no prior contact the s**t would go down.