Responsible Wild Camping (Herts)

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Sep 5, 2020

I'm preparing to undertake some wild camping/camping, either solo or with my partner and son.
I've tried finding landowners with decent sized plots, preferably away from main roads/heavily used footpaths, to no avail though, unfortunately.
We're not particularly keen on the idea of using official campsites for a few reasons.

We would maintain the land itself whilst there, removing any litter we may come across and relay information regarding anything it wasn't possible to remedy. (broken boundary fences/flytipping/deceased livestock etc) we could even pay a reasonable per night fee.
I served in the Infantry for nigh on a decade which gave me a massive passion for the outdoors and bushcraft.
Now I would like to pass on some of those skills to my son, whilst at the same time spending time with my partner enjoying the countryside.

If any woodland owners are reading this, or if you know someone, in or around the Hertfordshire area that could assist in making this possible please get in touch.

I'm not overly certain what I expect to receive in the way of replies to this post but I thought I'd give it a whirl.

If all else fails we'll have to go up to Scotland and wild camp there :)

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