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  1. XIX

    Sold Wenger Wiglaf Hatchet/axe

    Wenger Wiglaf Hatchet/Tomahawk by American ABS Journeyman Smith Dave Wenger. This is a lovely little hatchet but I just don’t use it. I put my name down last year for a run of these and his books are currently closed to orders. They are made in small numbers and Dave also produces small runs...
  2. XIX

    Sold Jimmypie Axe

    Hi everyone, I have for sale a new/unused Jimmypie Axe. It’s in O1 steel which has been black washed and has a sculpted Phenolic handle. It comes in a green kydex full sheath with a Paracord adjustable shoulder cord and a molle clip on the rear for attaching to a belt or bag. This axe was...
  3. Samon

    Cold Steel Norse hawk, Tomahawk - WIP!* Finished!!*

    Evening all, after the pleasant success of this previous project - I decided I wanted to try another! So, with a special birthday of someone this month approaching soon I ordered another model and a package arrived in the...
  4. Biker

    Biker's Tomahawks & Shinys for sale at the Moot

    Hi Folks, Last year I sold a few of the axes I've bought over the year and restored back to all their glory, this year I intend doing the same BUT last year I was approached by 3 people asking me to look out for specific makers axes/tomahawks. Sadly, like the numpty I am I've lost the list. So...
  5. Samon

    Two new toys - Tomahawk and knife!

    Yeeeaaap! Picked up the knife last weekend when I was in Newport for £5! Don't have a Clas Ohlson near me so I new I'd come out with atleast one new thing. Came out with two actually, my brother wanted one aswell! :o And the tomahawk arrived this morning! So with a camera on it's last bar and...
  6. Biker

    Take-down axe restored

    Hi, seems this weekend's nice weather has brought out the creative side in some of us, in particular the axe restoration part. Big Stu 12 has refurbed his Hultafors Axe here. So not to be left out I had a play this afternoon too. I was PM'ed the other day by Wildgoose here at BCUK inquiring...
  7. Samon

    Axe gallery!

    Axes, the wildmans best friend! From building cabins, felling trees and to splitting wood for your fire, the axe will always be a handy and attractive tool. So, why not have a dedicated axe gallery!? a place for all of us to post our treasured collections and arty pictures of our favourite...
  8. Samon

    Mountain man kit!

    Mountain men, the long beared lone wolves of human history! Men of their own destiny, men of simple and honest upkeep. Real men! ;) :rolleyes: Haha, I've been toying with some bits and bobs lately and came up with a nice wee mountain man set up for the woods, trying to keep it traditional and...
  9. swright81076

    Black Tomahawk Elite LX Daysack

    The Tomahawk Elite LX is made by pro-force (highlander), but dont let that put you off, this seems to be a good bag. Before buying it a couple of months ago, I researched all kinds of molle type packs, and after reading a review on arrse, I decided to go ahead...
  10. Biker

    Tomahawks, a whole murder of 'em.

    Hi Folks. Got a few Tomahawks I've bought up, restored and breathed new life back into. ALL are old steel, not this new tat that's coming in from China, so in my book old means good steel. All have new Hickory (or beech) shafts to them treated with two coats on linseed oil and the blades are...
  11. Biker

    A "Take down" tomahawk

    This is NOT a sales advert. Just wondering about whether Plastic Ninja ever made a sheath for it is all. See posting number 11 for details. Edit: THIS WAS SOLD TO Plastic Ninja IN SEPTEMBER 2011. With thanks.
  12. Biker

    Heavy duty "take down" Tomahawk.

    Before we go any further this axe is NOT available to be sent out until mid September due to postage from France being cripplingly expensive. So I'll be in the UK around the 15th Sept so I can send it off then OK? As you can see this is a bit of a brute of an tomahawk type axe, the head weighs...
  13. Biker

    Another "take down" Tomahawk for sake.

    Got this a couple of weeks ago, sweet little thing it is too. Good old school steel but no makers stamp that I can see. I've modded the head to make it resemble the Cold Steel tomahawk that you may have seen in other threads here at BCUK. Turned out pretty good I thought. The shaft is newish...
  14. Biker

    "Take down" Tomahawk for sale

    Sorry about the double posting of this, I put it up in the wrong forum, d'oh! So here it where I wanted to post it originally. This is a restored axe that I bought at a Vide grenier (French boot fair) last year, made by Darcourt, though I can't seem to find any real details about the...