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  1. Geek

    Tarp/sleeping set-ups

    Thought a thread showing tarp / sleeping set-ups may be of interest. I was going to upload a picture from today, however, is it possible to upload pictures from your PC or do you need to use a third party hosting site (which I don't have)?
  2. H

    What's your cordage of choice for tarp/hammock

    I'm thinking of moving into the world of tarp and hammock camping and am wondering what experience has taught others about cordage for such a set up. I mean in terms of: what length ridge line do you use? What length guy lines? what diameter cord? Same for hammock webbing, what length and width...
  3. P

    Sil-nylon tarps

    Does anyone know if sil-nylon tarps lose their waterproofness with time? My tarp started dripping on the inside in quite a few spots right across the tarp that made me think it was less about the condensation than it could be the rain coming through. It was very wet but there was a strong wind...
  4. Partickpebbles

    Doing a little DD/Bushcraft Corner at an event this Sunday

    I am part of a group thats organising an event (Concert/Picnic) in Yorkshire this Sunday. The site is in a public park that happens to have 3 perfectly set mature trees to hang the Hammocks on. https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=124047937674658 So last Sunday Resnikov and I...
  5. P

    Tarp shape

    I have had a very interesting look at some sites for tarp manufacturers and am curious about the best shape. Now catenary cut tarps are best for a taut A frame pitch but are not flexible enough for other styles of pitch. Ground dwelling only BTW. That lead me to thinking about flat tarps and...
  6. P

    UL Tarps for ground dweller - who makes or sells them?

    I am thinking that I need a smaller and lighter tarp for UL backpacking with a bivvy. I am used to an 8' square sil-nylon tarp but at a little over 600g is too big and heavy. Just wondered if anyone knows of a maker or retailer that has something good. I'd obviously spend as little as I could...
  7. T

    Why do so many people use a Tarp/Hammock setup instead of a normal Tent/Sleeping bag?

    I'm new to the whole bushcraft thing and all I seem to hear about are tarps and hammocks and not very much on tents.. Why do so many people perfer hammocks? Is it purely to do with the whole 'not sleeping on the floor' thing? If so it doesn't bother me, I've spent a few nights on a...
  8. M

    Cheap tarp and bivi?

    Desperately looking for some advise and idea's on quality but cheap tarp and bivi. links much appreciated. :D thanks
  9. P

    Tarp slagging off on outdoors forums

    Been on another forum related more to walking hiking and backpacking. There was a thread where there were a lot of, in my eyes, unfounded negative comments about the use of tarps. Granted midges are a problem but you can get very light bug nets these days that go over the opening of your...
  10. helixpteron

    Tarp Clips.

    This company make some interesting tarp clips for multiple applications.
  11. shogun

    Slap Strap Hammock Suspension Kit

    hi everyone i am new too bushcraft i have the dd hammock & tarp set up although i havent used it yet,just set up in back garden too try.excellnt was surprised how comfy it was..anyway i was thinking of doing the hammock mod by chainsaw..i found Hammock Suspension Kit made from webbing with...
  12. Omegarod

    Tarp performance in very heavy rain?

    I am thinking of buying a large tarp (such as the DD tarp) for use on my next visit to Kenya. (I have never used a tarp and hammock). The problem there is that it rains. Every afternoon and evening there are huge thunderstorms and torrential rain. I mean real heavy downpour for a couple of...
  13. lamper

    Tatonka pyramid tarp Alternative

    Can someone provide me with an altern Tatonka Pyramid Tarp? http://www.bushcraftuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29389 They were an amazing price and now no longer made. I have looked at designs from Mountain Laural Designs -...
  14. gsfgaz


    What is the best one to get , and what size ...
  15. sasquatch

    Tarp repair?

    Alright everyone I've managed to get a tear in my old dd tarp, it's not the newer lightweight style but a fairly heavy material. I really like this tarp despite it's weight and small size. The tear was caused by a nail, it's about 3 inches down and 3 inches across in the shape of an L...
  16. T

    Basha's and Tarps

    What do you use as a set up? Pictures would be great.
  17. Trunks

    Tarp, Which one?

    Evening chaps, I'm in need of a new tarp - embarrassingly i tripped over my guy line and ripped my old one. I have a DD Travel Hammock and did have a DD tarp (3x3), just wondering if anyone had any other recommendations? I'm sure this question has been done to death many times, so maybe...
  18. ForgeCorvus

    How big a tarp?

    Hiya guys What do you think is the minimum size you can get away with for a tarp If it makes any difference I'm 5'10" and in the XXL size range I've just got some canvas and I'm wondering if its going to be big enough
  19. treefrog

    Alpkit tarp.

    I've had a few bits and pieces from Alpkit over the years and am a happy customer, so was interested to see their news letter introducing a tarp. http://www.alpkit.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=16474...
  20. Nice65

    Tarp material to make snakeskins

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some dark green lightweight tarp fabric? I want to make some snakeskins for my new hammock. It's bigger than DD or Hennessy so needs a custom sheath. I'm sure someone mentioned a tarpmaker on here somewhere, maybe they could even design and sew them for...