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  1. M

    For Sale Field strops. Basswood or leather double sided. Custom combination.

    These strops are 50 x 200 mm total surface area, 50x150~ stropping area . I have 5 backings left, which means I can make 5 more strops! I use laser cut and etched Birch plywood backing for these double sided strops. Your choice of basswood or smooth or rough leather. Basswood and smooth...
  2. M

    For Sale Pocket strops. Basswood or Leather Strops

    These strops are 32 x 100 mm. The same size as the DC4. The leather ones are about 5mm thick and the Basswood ones are about 6mm thick. I use laser cut and etched Birch plywood backing. The leather is compressed, then glued and sanded flat. The basswood ones are also flat and ready for compound...
  3. M

    For Sale 1 Micron Monocrystalline Diamond Spray.

    1 Micron monocrystalline diamond suspension stropping compound. This is a high concentration compound, it cuts fast and polishes fast! It's likely faster than stuff you've used before, so be gentle to start with. 30ml bottles = £20 + £1.29 shipping to the UK 5ml bottles = £4.50 + £1.29...
  4. Dave Budd

    For Sale Sharpening Course: Feb 4th

    I've got a sharpening course coming up in a few weeks time and there are still spaces, so thought I'd see if anybody here would like to take them up at a special BCUK discounted rate! :) One day course to learn how to sharpen knives and axes primarily. I'll go through edge geometry...
  5. J

    Norton Water Stones Set

    Bought from an esteemed member on British Blades a while ago. Only used them very carefully a couple of times to sharpen my kitchen knife. They are in excellent condition, no signs of wear or abuse, but the plastic boxes they come with are rubbish and a bit cracked. These are top quality water...
  6. CommonZense

    Sharpening and stropping - a DIY field kit.

    A while ago I've made a sharpening and stropping kit. Designed to be light weight, all-in-one and durable. The set is not meant for re profiling edges, just for daily edge maintenance during camp trips or in the kitchen. So I've glued a piece of leather on a 2 x 4 x 20cm rectangular aluminum...
  7. aj.jackson89

    Sharpening Morakniv Heavy Duty MG - Advice needed!

    Hey guys, Hope you're all good? As i'm just starting out in the wonderful world of Bushcraft I recently purchased a Morakniv Heavy Duty MG knife. It arrived all good, and a great price! I am just a bit stumped as to which would be the best method/piece of kit to get the thing suitably...
  8. Folcwigga

    Tell me what i'm doing wrong at sharpening (video)

    I made a thread a few months back about how i was having a hard time of learning to sharpen knives and other blades just by watching videos or reading books. Since then i haven't been able to get to any meets, so instead i've made a video of my attempts at sharpening. It's short (under 4 mins)...
  9. Zingmo

    Woden saw sharpening vice/clamp

    I'm offering for swap this Woden saw sharpening vice or clamp thingy. I think it was meant to be screwed to the side of a bench, but in most of the photos I have seen they are screwed to a big chunk of wood so they can be clamped into a bench vice when needed. I know some of you have a...
  10. Samon

    Antler handles! a few recent creations - WIP Pic heavy!!

    After buying a large box of antler bits from one of our own forumites I got to work making use of some of it! Handles! good bits of antler make very attractive handles for all sorts of bits and bobs and I've done a few now so would like to show them to you all :) First off a not so new...
  11. N

    Slate honing.....

    after using local welsh slate block to hone & polish my mora im wondering if anyone else has had success using slate to sharpen??
  12. woodgrain

    Moughton Whetstone

    Hi all, Does anyone have a piece of this for sale or trade? I'd absolutely love a piece of fine British stone to sharpen my blades with. I know QDanT has had pieces for sale/trade in the past but I can imagine he gets so many requests from folks and I don't want to trouble him. Ideally...
  13. A

    Sharpening a convex blade

    Hi, I just wanted to know the best tool/gizmo/method for sharpening a convex blade. I have nothing to sharpen my knife with as I am knew to all this, so I wanted to buy the right equipment for the job. Can anybody please recomend anything? Cheers.
  14. M

    Sharpening advise please!!!!!!

    i can sharpen my knives but they dont seem as sharp as the knives i see other people use and my methods are alot different ive tryed different ways and am feeling fustrated i cant get tht hair shaving sharp egde. Also despret help sharpening my spoon knife ive done the crime of using it quite...
  15. E

    good value sheath knife

    I bought a mora clipper from the Ray Mears site a few years ago now and it has served me well but when I have been sharpening it I have started to lose the flat bevel edge on it. Also I haven't had a new blade in a while. Does anyone have any suggestions of a replacement for up to approx £30...